Ortho tri cyclen lo, weight gain?

how much weight 2 expect in the first month?
Answers:    Beyond some water retention, the birth control pill does not make you gain weight (as in fat). What it can do is increase your appetite so that you eat more - and if you eat crap food, then you gain weight.

The hormones also change where on your body fat is deposited, moving it to more visible areas like boobs and butt.

In most cases, women who gain weight while on the pill would have gained that weight without the pill too, simply because of their dietary habits.
Some women never gain any weight, I f you are experienceing weight gain and it is that bothersome to you then you need ot talk to the doctor.
some woman dont gain weight on B.C,, i personaly did , it seemed like i always had about 5 pounds i couldnt shed , guess it realy goes by body type.

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