Is this normal?

I get my period every other month.
Answers:    You've not mentioned how old you are. You must definitely consult your gynac just in case its not the onset of any condition. I have a friend who had this & gradually she put on so much weight, now she's on hormone treatment to regulate her cycle. To avoid all this (it may be nothing) just visit your doc to clear all doubts. All the best!
Yes, it can be. You should, however talk to your doctor and maybe have more frequent pap tests (you lucky girl, you.) to ensure there are no problems. See if you can get a referal to a gynaecologist.
no...u should see ur doctor
if your doctor has checked you out and everything seems to be ok. then thats your normal... I myself when young had a period every 3 months.. I was like this all the way till I had my first baby.. then it regulated itself.. now it comes every 35days (still not the 28day cycle most women have)
Probably is normal. If you're a teenager, it's common.
ya i think thats normal... but maybee u should get it cheked out by a doctor just in case
Not exactly normal but not uncommon. Talk to your OBGYN about it. Check these symptoms and see if it sounds like you:

Personally I've never missed a period since I was 11!
yeah. irregularity.
it might be normal for you, if you get on birth control pills it will help fix that i think.

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