After what age is not safe to get pregnant!!?

Because I am 27 now, and I still want to have children.
Answers:    With modern medical advances, its more a question of "how old do you want to be while chasing a toddler around?"

Health issues DO increase and after the age of about 35, there are higher risks for birth defects such as Downs Syndrome. The best thing to do is to discuss your concerns with an OB/GYN before you become pregnant.
35 for the first one.
oh you have plenty of time! as long as you are in good health and are not past 35-40 years old its perfectly safe for you to have kids, i am 22 and i dont plan on having kids until i am at the very LEAST your age! dont worry!
I would say 35. As you pass that your chances for birth defects like downs syndrom and pre term labor do go up. You should be fine to have children now. I would say stop at 35.
hun, your fine!! You have a long way to go I would say it is up to you. Like do you want to be 50 when your kids ten? If not don't start at 40 I sudgest 35 or so.
27 is totally fine! the risk of genetic disourders goes up after 40 years.

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