Am i getting my period?

hi im Bianca im 12 and NOT PREGNAT and i think i m going to get my period soon for the first time i have all the symptoms my friend says by the way she has her period and my mum knows and i get discharge ad blablablA is it true when u star the clear ichy discharge u count 6 months after that month and thats when u get ur period? please help
Answers:    I just got my period too. It it probably true that you are going to get your period. I remember getting discharge (and stuff). When you start the clear icky discharge, you do count six months after that month and you'll get our period. You shouldn't be scared. It doesn't hurt at all and you hardly notice it. I remember coming homw from art club in school one day and there was something red and icky in (you-know-what). It's important to always carry a tampon/pad in your backpack when you go to school so if you start it at school, you'll be ready. There are probably some pads in your school. Ask the school nurse- there are always some in school. Oh yeah: some more advice- the first time you start your period, you should probably use a pad. At first, it will probably feel weird'll get used to it. I hope this answers your question. If you have any more questions, feel free to email me.
This is gross.
Nice to meet you Bianca... Its possible. I was 9, so 12 isn't surprising. You could ask your mother or school nurse if you need advice or have questions. Also, you may just have a yeast infection.
Talk to your mom. Ask a teacher or nurse at school if you have questions.
If you have clear itchy discharge, it maybe thrush. It is VERY common and is not related to STDS. Talk to your mum. My daughter is 10 years old and I have already got supplies for her when the time comes for her to need them.
Well.. i don't know about that. But if you start to get pains that you don't usually get, and you feel really un-comfortable then usually yes, you are getting ur period. I know, i am ur age, i went through that once. Trust me, when the pain comes(if it dose come) do cat streaches and don't do too much sport, it just makes it worse!
It's different for EVERY woman so listening to other women's experiences may not help you. It'll come out of no where. Every feeling is going to brand new so it's going to be hard to distinguish what is happening is going to lead to starting menstration.

Take a deep breath and don't worry about it. Once you get it then you can deal with it. Be happy to NOT have it yet. Trust me, there's nothing to look forward to at all!! It's not fun!
yes, maybe, im not sure about the six month thing but the clear discharge may mean you are already ovulating so that means it should start soon. but about the counting 6 months from the date, never heard this, EVER.
heyyyyyyyyyyy Let party Tonight! invite ur friend , Relatives, Nieghbour, street people on ur house and announce that your period is started...Lollll Welcome to the women disaster world of Periodssssssssssssss.
Hi Bianca

Its a pretty uncertain and scary time for you.

Personally I'ven ever heard about the discharge + 6 months theory.

Its not unusual to have a little bit of discomfort about a week before you period. You've probably heard people talking about cramps. Its like an ache in your lower back. Most people don't have too much pain but some people have it quite bad.

Some other symptoms include:
tender breasts
feeling tense
swelling around the abdomen

Take care.
In relation to the itchy discharge, that could be a yeast infection going on and that needs to be evaluated by a dr.

I started getting discharge at around age 11/12 but didn't actually start til age 13.

Pls also discuss your concerns with your mom and dr.
bianca dear,
sori i thought u r pregnant for the first time i read your line.

i was wrong to interpret.

you are gonna have your 1st period?
congrats ha!
it's me
According to your "other questions" you've been asking this for 3 weeks straight.

Find another hobby.
Whoa.itchy? itchy is not good...itchy is bad...that sounds like an should tell your mum.
thanks for adding me by the way!
It's not too late to stop it from coming. Just go on a diet. Try to eat as little fat as possible and eat 500 calories less a day than you need to. Also, exercise for at least and hour or two a day. If you do this, you can put off getting it for a while, and trust me, you'll be glad you did.
i agree with knuckles...this is nasty and should not be discussed in public.

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