4 days ago i did sex with my boyfriend it was unprotected accidendly...?

at this day till today i ate high dose fish oil capsules and warm thigs and exersice to avoid pregnency he also wont this and tommorow would be my normal periods last expectedate but i havnt still got them...plz tell me urgent how can i stop this ...tell me any suggestion or teblets plzzzzzzzzzzz HELP MEEE :((
Answers:    Fish oil will not prevent pregnancy. If you had unprotected sex, you need to go to a pharmacy and get Plan B immediately, in hopes that it may still be somewhat effective against pregnancy. Technically, you have 5 days to take Plan B, but it is less effective if you wait 5 days than if you had taken the pill immediately after you had sex.

i suggest that you get a pregnancy test. Other than an abortion, there is no way to safely get rid of a pregnancy (if you are pregnant). You should not be taking any herbs or any other dangerous things, since you could harm the baby if you are pregnant.
what kind of birth control is that? get on the pill woman!
First off - type in normal english, I can barely read what you said.
Second off, sorry hun. Go see a doctor.
Welcome to motherhood
get the morning after pill.
and dont worry..
pregnancy usally takes
manny times to happen.
you have like a 1in 90
chance ofgetting pregnant
after one time.
good luck
None of what you have described is in any way a form of birth control. You need to be using condoms every time you have sex, and get on the pill for added protection.
What you are doing is not a form of birth control. Get a pregnancy test and it may take more than one test to see if you are pregnant. If you are, go see a doctor. If your not, go see a doctor and have him prescribe some form of birth control for you.
first off take a preg test a.s.a.p like now ten if you arent postive go see a doctor go on birth control women seriousl do you want to have a child now in your life think about it
How do you "accidently'' have unprotected sex. That was very irresponsible. Pray that you're not pregnant.

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