Breast... problem?

I felt something weird like a small thing!
I have to worry?
I am only 20!
Answers:    This thing whatever it is should be evaluated by your dr to see what could be going on. They will help you try to figure what is causing this thing that you are noticing.
if you feel a lump in your breast you should go and be seen by your family practise doctor
If you feel shy to say to your Family Doctor or any Doctors, then first tell your Mom to take you to Doctor to check. Ok ?
Sometimes the little things are nothing to worry about. It may just be a fluid cyst, or sometimes young women just have more tissue to be felt. See your doc to make certain it is nothing to worry about. If breast cancer runs in your family you need to check yourself often. You are old enough for an annual pap smear. The gyn will also do a breast exam at that time. These exams should start either after your first sexual encounter or at the age of 19.

Good luck and
God Bless
its not a matter of joke.please go for a need to take decision based on guessings.

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