Abormal spotting and pain.?

I have been on the pill for years now and recently these past two weeks I have had horrible cramps off and on, but lower than where my normal cramps are. I have also been spotting off and on, usually in the morning when I first wake up. I do not believe I missed a pill and even if I did, this is not normal for me. There is no poosible way I could have an std either.

Just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this or know what could be the cause. My boobs have also been really sore, but I am due for my period in a week and a half. Any thoughts?
Answers:    so my thought at first was pregnancy, the cramps through me off, but boob tenderness is huge with pregnancy. I would wait for a week and if you don't get your period than i would take a test, as the spotting could be implantation spotting. Or it could just be a fluke. however i've never experienced these things while on the pill unless i had a shot previously.where it can actually lower the effectiveness of your pill.

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