Periods and pregnancy?

Is it possible to get a heavy period during pregnancy at ur period time and have them for up to eight days, Im not pregnant i was just wondering cas i heard u can from a friend but im not sure
Answers:    I agree with the poster citing the terminology problems. Bleeding during pregnancy can happen due to lots of things, subchorionic hematomas (pools of blood between the placenta and uterine wall) being the one I'm most familiar with. Light bleeding can happen after an internal exam or intercourse too from irritation of the cervix because of the increased bloodflow there during pregnancy, but you can't have a "period" (shedding of the lining of your uterus) while pregnant.

If someone bleeds during pregnancy, it's not always a miscarriage, but I'd call my doctor for any type of bleeding during pregnancy.
Actually I am a doctor. NO you cannot have a regular period when you are pregnant. I have never ever seen a pregnant woman having regular periods for many months on. You can sometimes bleed in the first couple of months even though you are pregnant.
But a regular period throughout pregnancy? No, absolutely and totally NOT.
You can get a heavy period during pregnancy. I know this because I have five little ones in my life today, and during one of my pregnancies I had a period. I went to my doctor and she told me that i was fine and that the baby was fine. It was just the baby was putting pressure in my uterus which caused the bleeding.
Yes you can, I know because my mother id when she was pregnant with me and I turned out just fine and her doctor told her everything was totally okay. Some people just have things happen differently I guess and each pregnancy varries as well, she didn't with my sister.
I would say that the problem here is the vocabulary people are using. No, it's not possible to get your period while you are pregnant, but yes it is possible to have some bleeding occur. Technically, a period during pregnancy would mean an abortion/miscarriage since its the expulsion of the endometrium, the layer that is helping the baby to grow.

But any bleeding during a pregnancy should be checked out by a doc. :)

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