Abdominal pain?

For 2 days now, I have had a dull throb in my right lower abdomen adjacent to my naval. I had this a year ago and the doc said I was dehydrated, but a later ultrasound showed 11 ovarian cysts. I had a DNC 2 months ago, so does anyone have any ideas?? I am not trying to replace my doc w/ you guys, just trying to figure out what is going on!
Answers:    >>I am not quite sure why they would give you a D&C for ovarian cysts. Before my hysterectomy, for about the last two years I was getting cysts that hurt about every other month. I hope you feel better.
for the pain just lie down in a bath tub filled with hot water but the cold i suggest u drink some water or orange juice.
A D&C is performed in the uterus, not on the ovaries, and is done usually after giving birth normally or after a miscarriage.

Since in your case you have ovarian cysts, you would have to undergo a surgical procedure on the ovaries to have them removed.

You may want to have a second opinion with another gynecologist if you want.
If it is the same pain as before it may be the same problem. A DandC is when the inside of your uterous is "cleaned out" it is not the removal of cysts. Alot of people have ovarian cysts and never have an impact from them.. (I do) A cyst is a pocket of fluid. Have you tried taking motrin for this pain? Make sure you take it with food. And a warm bath, something to relax you. Having anxiety about the problem will intensify the pain.

Going back to your doctor may be a good idea. If you have heavy bleeding or feel worse pain you should be seen in the emergency department. Have you had normal mentration since the DandC ?

Hormones can intensify the pain of ovarian cysts are you hormonal?

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