How do I know if I popped my cherry?

I have never had sex but I did go int here and use my finger very deep. it didnt bleed now but feel I might have popped it. How will I know? How can i see if I did or not?
Answers:    Am I the only one who read the hot dog comment?
Breaking your hymen has nothing to do with how deep you go. Your hymen is right in the opening of the vagina. If you broke your hymen you would probably feel some pain or it might bleed a little bit. Your finger probably wouldn't break your hymen unless it was very sensitive. Mine won't even break from a hotdog!
you probably have not popped it. It is sensitive and full of blood vessels and you will feel pain if you have popped it. You may bleed but some other dont, but of course the will feel pain at first. Hymen is located in the lower part entrance of your vagina. It will definitely require large diameter of something to break it not a single finger only.
you probally have not popped ur cherry
you will know. it's not up in you people said it's the hymen. they say "popped her cherry" because it bleeds...a finger probably wouldn't do it since the hymen covers the entrance but leaves room so blood can come out or for tampons. you will know if it hurts!

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