*Ladies Only* What was your experience with an over muscle breast augmentation?

From your first hand experience... Was it painful? Did you need someone to take care of you afterwards? How soon could you go back to work? If you had to do it all over again, would you? Any advice?
Answers:    You will need someone to care for you for a few days. My best friend just had an under the muscle augmentation done. Her pain was very severe the first couple days. You are unable to lift for a few weeks. Sadly you are also supposed to have someone wipe you after going to the bathroom since you are not supposed to move you arms back in that direction for a few days. She said it was worth all the pain. She went from a AA to a full B.

Do your research on your doctor. That is the most important thing. The better the doctor. The better the recovery.
Make sure you do your research and follow your doctors instructions. Make sure you see a few plastic surgeons and find the one you like.

I haven't had an augmentation (I had a reduction due to my back pain, 38J to 38C!), but there is this board I frequent that has a section of forums for augmentations, might want to check it out.


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