How can I stop biting my nails?

Answers:    It's easy just think of how pretty your nails will look if thoes marks that u leave behind while biting ur nails r not there anymore! Think of other things. Dont worry my friend does it all the time, its a habbit if u stop doing it for a while you'll eventually forget about it! Hope that helped!
put hot sauce on them? jeez idk
I have the same problem as you my aunt also did. She told me that she kept biting them until they started bleeding. I keep puting nail polish at least to give you bad taste and then you wouldnt enjoy chewing them!
Maybe if you put nail polish on your nails it might stop you from bitting them.
Have you tried putting lots of nail polish on. It makes them taste worst. You'll need to apply new coats pretty often though.
I bit my fingernails all during my teens and early adulthood but i quit, the way i quit is i had went to a nail shop and had my nails done a few times and they are hard to bite but i didn't feel the need to bite them even after i quit going there.
try putting hot pepper under your nails
It depends on how much you are inclined to nibble your nails. I had this issue when I was younger and would bite them really low to the point of pain. I just tried really hard plus the fact that my Mom threatened to get some of that nasty tasting stuff that can be put on the nails to make you regret ever putting your finger in your mouth. If you find your self doing this when your stress level is high, try working on reducing the stress (easier said than done).
There is this special kind of nail polish for nail bitters, it taste really bad. I can't remember the name of it, I used it for my son and he stopped within a week, it was such a gross taste. Maybe you can look it up on line?
well at most drugstores, you can buy something called 'no bite' it is just a clear coat but it tastes like cow manooer (sp)!! Or if you have the money, you could try gel or acrilic nails, they cannot be moved free-ly making it almost imposible to break. or try gel or acrilic nails as a reward for not biting your nails! good luck. biting nails can cause permanent damange to nail beds and cuticles!
you're stressed out. and you enjoy when you can find a good nail just to bite. its so refreshing when you can find that perfect bite. just stop. its disgusting. calm down, do something else like twirling your hair. . .
Well when i was younger i wasnt a tomb boy BUT i WASNT a girly girl. I use to bite my nail all the time. A simular situation to you. What i did is paint my nails and put a little nail polish remover on the end so when i get an erge to bite my nails i will get a nasty tast in my mouth.
i stopped after getting fake nails at the salon they are cute and hard to bite after having them for a while you break the habit

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