Should I continue taking birth control pills AFTER taking Plan B?

I've tried several sources (nurse, pharmacist, internet) with no definite answer... please help if you can... I have been taking birth control pills for years without missing a pill, until now... I took pill #7 about 12 hours late, and then pill #8 about 6 hours late. I had "unprotected" sex the morning of pill #9 (if I wasn't on the pill, it would've been ovulation day). Today, I called my doctor but spoke with a nurse about taking an emergency contraceptive. She advised me to take Plan B, which I did today and I also took my regular pill today. Should I finish the pack? Today was pill #10. If it matters, I am taking Loestrin, a monophasic combination pill. Also, how long should I use a "back-up method"? I hope that made sense, and thank you for any help you can provide.
Answers:    I have to say that ONLY your doctor should tell you how to continue for sure. No one else has your medical history and the experience and knowledge of using these chemicals in your body.

If they try to give you the nurse when you call, stand firm and say that you need to speak with your doctor today (he/she may need to call you back). Make an emergency appointment if you have to in order to see him and get his medical opinion.

I urge you not to take anyone's advice anonomously over the internet on this matter.
Of course you should finnish the pack.
I would suggest you call your gynecologist or a gynecologist. They are the doctor and will be able to tell you what to do. I would use back up protection until you are on the pill for another full month.
Yes!! You should always stick to the regime of your birth control.

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