Non-medical remedy for face lines and wrinkles?

I have a serious scowl line right between my eyebrows and wrinkles around my eyes. I'm only 26, so I'm not interested in surgery. Anyone tried over-the-counter wrinkle solutions that work or have any homeopathic suggestions?
Answers:    I'm 27 and I started using Arbonne's revolutionary anti-aging system (hydrating wash, balancing toner, facial serum, transforming lift, corrective eye cream, day crème, and night crème) last year and absolutely love it! It makes me skin look radiant! It is specifically formulated to reduce the affects of sun damage, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, while it works to combat the visual signs of aging. I love the eye cream and facial serum. The system consists of botanically based products that contain natural collagens (hyaluronic acid), giving your skin a natural lift and others to deeply condition and hydrate your skin. They're all pure, safe, beneficial, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and formulated without alcohol, wax, dyes, chemicals, fragrances, acetone, or mineral oil which makes them perfect for all skin types. They're unlike any others on the market as they are formulated in Switerland and made with all 9 KEY anti-aging elements (KOJIC ACID, NANOSPHERES, COPPER, VITAMIN C, ALPHA & BETA HYDROXY ACIDS, PEPTIDES, BIO-HYDRIA, ELHIBIN & STIMUTEX, and ALPHA LIPOIC ACID), giving you maximum benefit.

Their products are also formulated with nanosphere technology which makes them beneficial for all skin types and adjusts to your skins specific needs by applying more moisture in dry areas and less is oily areas. Research shows that 6 months continued use of this system will give a 68% decrease in DEEP density lines and wrinkles; however I started to notice results within a week or two.

Arbonne even has products for your entire body including a hydrating body wash, body serum, hydrating body lotion, and essential fatty acid dietary supplement, a concentrated blend of flaxseed oil, CoQ10 and beneficial elements to support younger-looking skin and good health ... from the inside, out ... and formulated in a vegetarian capsule. It's made of Flaxseed oil, vitamins A, C, E, Coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid. I love the NutriMinC Re9 Anti-Aging Body Serum and Hydrating Body Lotion.

I also stay out of the sun as much as possible as it is the #1 cause of aging! (Mineral oil is #2)

If you're interested in learning more, you can visit the website below or email me and I'll be happy to help you.
Any cream, lotion or other "solution" for wrinkles is a hoax, sorry to say. There is nothing to make wrinkles go the only way is to prevent i.e. buy some protective cream for your around the eye area and also some face lotion with anti-sun screening.
I don't think surgery is the first thing to think about. You have other options before thinking about surgery.
I have a friend that had a similar problem. The area around her eyes was a little darker and had little pouches and wrinkles around the eyes.
She tried several skin products, but now she is using gerovital eye care products and they seem to work for her.
She gets them online from but probably can be found in other places too.
You should try a few different eye care products and see which works best for you.
I am now convinced there is nothing out there to get rid of wrinkles. I even purchased Hylexin which is a big hoax to. The only way I would try something new is the collagen injections.
Be gentle with your skin and it will go a long way in keeping it smooth and supple. Gently massage the face with glycerin-honey mixture. Dip a cotton pad in unbeaten egg white, and smooth it across wrinkles. Leave it on for an hour and remove it with a cotton dipped in ice-cold water. Check out for more useful info.

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