Should i go ahead and get breast implants?

I am 5'5 .. weigh about 123 pounds, and don't even fill an A cup bra. My boyfriend of a year doesn't complain, but it makes me feel so uncomfortable with myself. My best friend is getting them done, and she has bigger boobs than me.. should I go ahead and get the surgery? I am happy with the rest of my body, but i am seriously flat as a board! help me out please! and thank you!
Answers:    One man's opinion: big fake breasts are less appealing than small real ones. Just the idea of stuffing your flesh with bagged chemicals for appearances' sake is repulsive. If your looks are so important that you'd go under the knife, instead just pay attention to keeping your weight down, chin up, and game on. Someone will love you -- yourself I hope first.

Smile. You're okay.
Well, that's really up to you. Personally, I think they are gross. I work in healthcare and see them and examine people who have them frequently, and I can ALWAYS tell who has them just by looking at them. They look and feel weird, and if you truly are as flat as a board it will look totally obvious because of the lack of breast tissue to surround it. More importantly, it lowers the ability to evaluate the breast for abnormalities, including cancer. That may not be important to you now, but trut me it will be eventually. Besides, there are so many awesome bras out there that can make you look fabulous! Good luck!
Be proud for what you have, having bigger boobs doesn't always have a good benefit. Think about it like this, breasts are there to feed or tend to babies. From a site which taught me a lot,, it showed a woman who was completely flat-chested, yet she was able to nuture her children with no complications.

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