Im thinking about getting the Paragaurd IUD, Has any one had one put in recently? Does it hurt? Does it work?

Answers:    I have one, and I have never had kids.
The insertion hurt like hell, and I spotted for a day or two, but I've been ok ever since. I have not had any problems since I had it inserted 3 years ago.
have you already had a kid? sometimes they require that
there's a girl in my nursing class that has one...i don't know if it hurt when she had it put in but i do know she's had it for a year or so and she said you don't even feel it.and she hasn't got pregnant either...she already has 4 kids
I had the Mirena put in. . .it has hormones in it. . .I have not heard anything good about the hormone free one. A lot of women that I know that had one without hormones ended up pregnant and if you end up pregnant with one in it can cause problems. . .1) implant in baby, 2) lose baby, 3) have a tubal pregnancy and so on. I have had my Mirena in for 4 months now and so far so good. . .you have to have had at least one child before you can have one put in. It did hurt a little, I am not going to lie. . .but I had it put in 6 weeks after my son was born so everything was still a little sore. But it is kind of like getting a pap smear done. My gyno recommended it, his wife has had it in for 7 years and has not had any problems with it, and so far so good I have not either. I would look into the hormone IUD just to be on the safe side and weigh you options! Check out the website to see what you think!
I had one for about 10 years. It definitely worked. I don't remember how it felt going in, but I never felt it afterwards. I had already had two kids at the time and my OB recommended it. It was terrific.

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