Always hot??

I am 17, and i always seem to be very hot.
When it is cold in a room i feel warm. When other people are fine, i will be hot. Why is this? What can i do?
Answers:    Talk to your doc about having your thyroid checked.
I suffered for years with over-active thyroid. The main symptom was feeling hot all of the time, sweaty palms, etc.
i am 16, and recently i have had the same exact prob! hah i hope we both find out what to do about it
Where a bra. lol jk... you should keep something with you. Maybe you could get accupuncture. i heard it helps a lot. My mom was always cold bt then she started blasting theair conditioning full blast and i froze to death.
I used to be very shy and I would feel like this all the time. I think you will outgrow it.

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