Why does it grow so slowly?

why does my hair take forever to grow it seems its relaxed so whenever it grows i can feel the differnce in texture from the roots and every 3 weeks it grows about half inch (extremly slow) but it doesnt seem to ever get longer. its a little bit below my shoulders or just at my shoulders and it feels like its been that way forever. whats wrong with my hair? it's very annoying. if you know anyway of stimulating roots or volumizing hair tell me that too plz
Answers:    hair has a growth cycle. Some people's cycle is as short as 1 year, while others can have up to 5-7. The shorter your hair cycle is, the shorter you hair will be. You can grow it and grow it, but if you have a short hair cycle, your hair will stay the same length and not ever get any longer.
Hair normally doesnt grow that quickly. Make sure you get your hair trimmed like 1/2-1 inch every once in a while, that will promote faster hair growth
If it grows 1/2 inch every threee weeks, tat is not slow. It's actually slightly faster than average. Most people average 1/2 inch per month.
it depends on your genetics and nutritions. you cant change the fist one but you can use foods that are rich in A and E vitamines and dont forget daieries.
massaging your root hairs is so effective, and remember to use a suitable shampoo and conditioner.
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half an inch in three weeks is not that slow but if it's not getting longer it's probably because it's breaking from the bottom, so try trimming about half an inch or so, sometimes that makes it get longer faster.

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