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HI! I have a problem. I am not overweight or anything, but I sweat a lot... I dont get hot though...its only in my armpits... I know this is kind of gross, but its embarrassing! I dont know what to do...I have tried every kind of doedarant out there...even guys deodarant...so down to my question.Do you guys know of anything that can help me...I get sweat marks on my clothes and its so embarrassing!! any suggestions on a kind of deodarant or on what to do?!?! Please help!! Thank you in advance!
Answers:    OMG.i have the SAME problem.i now this is going to soung CRAZY but try this:
1.cut a LEMON (yellow one)
2.put some on your ARMPIT
3. let it DRY
4.you can put deodrant over (the best one that has worked on you)
5.OR you can just leave the lemon
*IT DOES NOT COMPLETELY STOP the sweating BUT it REALLY does HELP!(well at least for me) you should try it and tell me if it works.
There is a deoderant that is available over the counter it is called CERTAIN DRY. I am sure this product will work.
have you tried mens Michum=you can buy it in a sample first to see whether it works or not =worth a try
Theres a new deodorant called Secret Clinical Strength, its suppose to work as good as or better any prescribed stuff. Im not sure how well it works, but the figures seem to be good on it. Give it a try!
There are prescription deodorants you can get. Ask your doctor if nothing off the shelf works for you. (a friend of mine has to)
Secret just came out with a prescription strength deodorant called Clinical. It is specifically designed for women with a severe sweating and odor problem. I have not used it so I cannot comment on if it works or not. But it might be worth a try for you.
go for an antiperspirant (not deodorant) and try wearing a thin t-shirt underneath clothing to avoid embarrassing sweat marks.
Deodorant does what it says, masks the odour, but anti-perspirant actually stops the sweating. Use an anti-perspirant and deodorant and it should help. I use Dove and it works. Why not carry some round with you? Hope this helps xXx
certain dry
maybe you could try wearing a t shirt under your clothes to prevent patches showing, I have always found right guard the best deodorant. good luck you poor thing. x
I use Secret, Teen spirt (or Lady speed stick), suave...the ones that are fresh smelling not the fruity kind. They all work very well.

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