34b is that good?iam 15 almost going to 16.?and if i am skinny ..?and weight 90.?

Answers:    In my 16th year I went from a 32A to a 32D, so it's possible that you're not done growing. But, I was a "late bloomer" or whatever.
Honestly, if there's one thing that doesn't matter it's your breast size. I know you'd probably be more convinced if your were hearing this from someone who had an A cup, but it's true regardless. Actually, I always wished mine were smaller!
awesome, even if you maxed out there that would be fine, but in all likelyhood you're not done growing. I don't know what your height is, but 90lbs sounds like you ned to put on some weight if you're over 5' tall
Its normal because my grandma when she was my age(15) she weighed 80lbs. and was 5'1
It's really not small if you're only 90 pounds...depending on how tall you are. And you've still got a little time to grow. And anyway, "good" should be whatever you're happy with. Guys' preferences vary widely and you shouldn't let that affect your self-image.
I am 20 years old, 5' and 97 pounds. I wear a 32A. I'd say that's good. Wish I had those lol.
honey you are still growing and will for a couple of more years and 34 b sounds like a good size you have nothing to worry about
when i was 16, i was an a cup, was 5'6" and weighed only 95 pounds. i am now 22, 36c, 5'8" and 135 all thanks to my baby girl, my point is, your body probably still has a lot of growing to do! don't stress it...

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