I have a question about STD's mature ppl only plz?

okay i have a question and most of U may think I am stupid but this is serious because I am pg and want to know if I have STD's when u have herpes or Ghonerhia (sp?) or any other kind of std where do the sores show up at ? I know down there but is it on ur thighs or only on ur private area or wat? i have some sores on my thighs but I remember having them before I became sexually active what could it be?
Answers:    Usually, sores from STD's show up only in the genital area. Since these sores are on the thighs and have been there off and on since before you became sexually active, I would think they were just a skin condition.

Have your doctor look at them and perscribe a treatment that is safe for you during pregnancy.

Also, do what you can to educate yourself about pregnancy and STD's.


www.cdc.gov/std .this is the Centers For Disease Control web site and is full of reliable std information.
U can get them ANYWHERE...

If ur that concerned, please go get tested.
I would say for one to see a Dr if you are scared about having some kind of STD Because some can show up right away and others can linger for a while.But if you are PG then it is good to get a good check up to make sure that the baby wont be infected also.Trust me it isnt a pleasing thing to go thru when you have problems But I really never did Just from experience with one of my Daughters was experience enough for me.GOOD LUCK
go see a dr and next time use a condom
Gonorrhoeae does not form sores it is a bacterial infection you would have a discharge. Herpes could be the cause of the sores but if you are pregnant it is important that you be checked it is not worth the risk. There is also chlamydia which may have no symptoms and since you are asking you must have reason to be worried.See a physician asap.
If they were present before sex then possibly you have ring worm or something. I would go to the doctor for evaluation and treatment-not here!
If you think you may have an STD, go to the doctor and get tested. This should be part of every woman's prenatal care, since a lot of serious problems for your baby can be avoided if your STD is managed during pregnancy and birth, and many STDs do not give you symptoms.

Sores would not be likely to show up just on your thighs and not your private parts. But go to your doctor, okay? If money is a problem, your local Planned Parenthood can provide low-cost prenatal care... and most states have provisions for pregnant women.

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