A to a C cup? Help!?

I've asked this before, but didn't get many answers. I've been told to gain about 10kg because I am underweight (not sure what that is in pounds...) and I've gained 4. I was an A Cup before, and in the time span of 5 weeks I've gone to a C cup.

It's a bit of a shock, I've always been small chested and I'm 16. As I still have more weight to go, will they keep growing?! I appreciate all answers, want to make sure this is normal/ok!
Answers:    I did the same thing. When i was seventeen it seemed like one day i woke up and my chest went from a 32A to a 34C. Then it happened agian when i turned 18 i suddenly went up to a 36D i gained weight then so i think that had something to do with it. After i had a baby and lost a lot of weight i went back down to a 34C. So your chest will flucuate all your life becasue of alot of things. So relax its very normal. =)
breasts are almost all fat, so yes its very normal, congratulations, you are a woman now.
THEY could keep growing if you keep gaining weight.
well your still growing and being underweight the first places women lose and gain are there butt hips and breasts. your just distributing well, probably will not get any bigger , runs in the family what size your moms are grandmas, that's a good indicator
no worries. its normal that as you gain weight your breast grows larger.
yes you are going to get bigger by 18, i hear pop has some thing to do with it, .any thing under double d is beautiful,
There is a hormonal Medical problem (can't think of the name), where you have a sudden growth of the breasts. You should contact your doctor. It's rare but this CAN happen again.
It could be fat too. But you seemed to have it happen so suddenly.

I would give your doctor a buzz.
When woman gain weight they gain weight first in their breast so this is normal
I dont think that your breast will get any bigger, you will now start to gain weight on your other body parts
you may be pregnant
depending on how tall you are, D's or DD's can look very good on you, congrats on the weight gain!
10 kg is roughly 22 pounds, and as everyone here has said, breasts are mostly fat (besides the mammary glands), and gaining weight will increase your breast size.

Pregnancy will not account for a change in size from an A cup to a C cup. If you were a C cup and your bras suddenly started not fitting, you might be concerned that you were pregnant, but to go from an A to a C cup does mean that you're just gaining weight.

Have you ever seen female bodybuilders who have like 2% body fat? They have almost no breasts at all unless they have plastic surgery.

It's nothing at all to be worried about. Good luck!
Did you go on the pill, because this is what happened to me on the birth control pill.
It is posible for a low body weight to slow down purberty. Maybe gaining the weight has caused your body to get back on track. Have you had your period yet?
It is possible to have growth spurts and to put on a lot of weight on your breasts in one hit.
Im 20, just gained about 4kg and I didnt understand it coz all my clothes still fit, but my partner is insisting that it has all gone to my breasts!
Dont worry too much, it sounds like your body is just playing catch up! Best of luck

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