3rd Breast reduction?

I had my first breast reduction at 15 when I was a 38F. The reduction brought me down to a 38C, but obviously I'd had the surgery too young. My breasts continued to grow, I had twins at age 19, gained some weight, and by 20 was up to 40G. After I was finished breastfeeding, I decided to get another breast reduction. At this point I wanted to lose weight, so the doctor decided to reduce down to a D cup. And after lipo of the upper and lower abdomin and breast reduction, I settled at a 38D. At the age of 23, me and my husband decided to have another child, but 5 months into my pregnancy, the marriage fell apart (he had an affair). My breasts grew again during this pregnancy, but I was able to keep my weight fairly steady. After having my youngest son, I've lost 45lbs (not counting pregnancy weight) and am now a size 10 with 36DD's, and sometimes even the DD's are too small. I'm considering another reduction (to a 36C) and possibly a tummy tuck.
Answers:    I don't think I've heard of anyone having a third breast reduction.

BUT, if you feel you are still too big, go ahead and get it done. Especially if you have back problems.
I DONT beleive in such surgeries, HOWEVER in your case it is a little different. If you are that big, it can cause MANY back problems. It isn't good to be carrying all that extra weight, and if you arn't planning on having any more children, then go for it. If it will make you feel better, physically and mentally, than i would say GO AHEAD! ;)

Good Luck!

stop eating carbs and get to your goal weight before you do the surgery, then go for it, and find a man worthy of you.

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