My experienced girls only please?

I had intercourse for the first time, and I wanted to know if it really hurted for you or not. I know people say that u will experience a little pain your first time, but for me, that wasn't "a little pain." It hurted! I asked my best friend and she said she only experienced a little bit. Y does it have 2 be so different? I'm guessing it's the pain tolerance that females have that others do not. I don't plan on doing that again any time soon, but 2 experienced ladies out there, do u feel uncomfortable your second time around? because that "first time" was ridiculous for me! And I am "of age" if anybody asks.
Answers:    For me intercourse hurt a lot the first time around. It really is different for everyone. Some women are fortunate enough that first time sex doesn't hurt. It doesn't really have anything to do with pain tolerance. It has to do with your HYMEN.

"The hymen is a thin membrane that partially blocks the opening to the vagina. Hymens can be stretched or torn during the first experience of sexual penetration, which can cause pain. Not all women experience this pain. Some women are born without a hymen; have them tear through use of tampons or physical exertion such as horse back riding."

The thickness of the hymen varies from woman to woman as does the structure of it. All of this really translates into the fact that for some, it will hurt more. Usually there is some blood involved.

My advice for next time: It's ok to be nervous, but it doesn't mean that you should rush into things. Make sure that sex is something that you really want and you've found the right guy. Also, make sure you're wet enough before having actual intercourse since it will definitely hurt otherwise. Relax & enjoy yourself and don't be afraid to tell your guy to go slow.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS PRACTICE SAFE SEX! Use a condom every single time. You don't want to run the risk of getting pregnant or getting an STD (even if you think you know the guy pretty well).

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OMG it freaking HURT!
depends on the women, and the roughnes of the intercourse.

you might be very sensitive.
It can be painful for some ladies, yes. It depends upon how relaxed you are and how tough the tissue is that is broken; this varies in everyone. If very painful, go see your doctor who can advise you prfessinally. You are not a freak; it does happen to some people. Don't be overly concerned; just go talk to your M.D. about uncomfortable relations.
it hurt the first few times but it was more because we were both virgins and just learning what worked and what didn't. Since you were a virgin and have nothing to compare it too you can't really determine if the guy was any good. Take your time and go slow the next time. If something doesn't feel right tell him. Also knowing what touches you like and can show him will make it better for you. Believe it or not sex is one of those things that actually takes practice to get better.
It depends on a lot of factors - how relaxed you are, how turned on you are, how comfortable with your partner you are, and in general, just how your body is built.

For me? I'm a little on the small side - it took me and my partner many times and some good lubrication before we got to a rhythm where I was comfortable and enjoying myself.

Just remember - don't be afraid to ask a partner to go slow to start out, to apply a water based lubricant. Or better yet, set your own pace during intercourse, until you feel comfortable. And relax! Have some fun! Be safe!

First times can be awkward, painful, and memorable, but they do get better. You'll learn what your body likes, the pace it needs, and so on.

If the pain tolerence is unbearable, even with all this advice, then it is important to go see a doctor. Sometimes, our bodies are biologically too small - do you ever feel uncomfortable with a tampon in or something similar? Its a fixable problem, and from what I understand, a pretty easy one to fix too. Just talk to a doctor about it - they'll send you in the right direction.
I can honestly say that the first time I had sex it was up there with the most horrible pains I've ever felt in my life. And I have gave birth to 2 babies. So yes it hurt VERY bad for me.

However I wasn't relaxed at all. So maybe that made it hurt worse. It got a little better each time. The more relaxed you are the less it will hurt.

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