What would happen if a women took viagra?

Answers:    try it then tell us and we all would know. I don't think anything would happen.
Her ** will get erected.
Why would you want to? There are products for women if you need them so skip the viagra.
I would assume the woman would be highly excited and would want to have sex for awhile.
A dr I know prescribes it for women suffering from low libido. It increases blood flow to genital area which increases sexual desire. Viagra originally invented for and used in preemies. It helps increase their oxygen. Someone thought they should try it out in ppl in comas and noticed men were getting erections, so then tried in concious men and erection occurred. Later approved for men suffering from E.D.
actually they do give some women viagra to have better orgasms, it does the same thing as it does to men, increases blood flow to the sexually stimulated organ, in a woman, the clitoris, wake up boys, its an equal oppertunity world out there.

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