Question about medication?

I was prescribed a suppository to clear a vaginal infection. Since I'm having my period right now, is it ok if I start using my medication after my period is over with?
Answers:    Usually, the medication should be continued during your period. You didn't give the name but if it was terconazole, by all means, use it during your period!

Most of the time, the medication prescribed can be continued even though you have your period. The symptoms of your vaginal infection will not go away during your period and might become very intense once your period is over if you have withheld treatment. The other concern is that an untreated infection can lead to a more widespread infection and possibly PID (pelvic inflammatory disease).

If in doubt, call your doctor and see what he says about holding off until after your period.
If you're grossed out, then yes you CAN wait but it may make the infection worse becuase you waited and your menses may make it more aggitated. If i was you I would use it during your period just to make it go away and stop the agony!

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