What happens to my body if i die and i am an organ donor? is my body taken apart?

am i still presentable for an open casket funeral afterward or is cremation the way to go?
Answers:    My friend is an embalmer. There are many things to donate--corneas, cochleas, heart, lungs, liver, even different muscles these days, etc. These are all internal and you would never know in an open casket funeral. Skin is one thing that you can also donate, but even then, all the skin you'd see in an open casket is hands and face so you wouldn't be able to tell anyway.
yes, they slice you and dice you. Actually I don't know! I said I wanted to be an organ donar and then my dad told me not to sign it because they might let me die to get my organs or something... I dunnooo...
No, the body is suitable for open casket. If they take your corneas, the eyes are closed anyway. Any openings of the chest cavity is sewed shut and hidden by clothes. Congrats on being an organ donor. The body is treated with respect by the doctors taking the organs.
Well, I think you can have an open casket funeral, and they would take your organs afterward.
Jess is correct.
the organs will b taken but b careful when signing bcause they might try 2 kill u or somethin 2 get ur organs well thats what they told me so i dunno but yea your body wont b taken apart all over the place
Just like if they give you an autopsy. They kind of sew you up and the undertaker has a degree in cosmetology and puttys you up so you look better thn you ever did alive. They remove the pimples and color the bruises and everything. I fyou die in a fist fight and your family asks, they will leave the putple bruises on your cheeksa nd hands.
of course you will be unless you donate you head, face
Okay, one thing to get right people: They don't kill people for organs unless you're in some other country or a random psycho takes your organs. Organ donors do not have to worry about hospitals letting them die to get the organs. By the way, it's a very noble thing to donate your organs. You can save 7 lives with your organs and help over 50 people! Also, check this out:
Myth: "If I'm admitted into the hospital and the doctors know I am a donor, they won't try to save my life."
Fact: There is no conflict between saving lives and using organs for transplantation. Medical professionals will do everything they can to save your life. By law, the doctors who work to save your life are not the same doctors involved with organ donation.

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