What do you call someone who is afraid of.?

OK this is going to sound very odd but i have a problem. when i watch tv or if i see a picture of small things, such as maggots, ants, hands, or anything zoomed out from to make it look small, i freak out. i get all itchy and i have to move somewhere else away from the video or picture. i know this is a problem but i dont know the name of it or how to fix it. sometimes it get so bad where i have to take a shower cuz i feel so disgusting. for example i was watching the animal planet and it was showing some wild beasts trying to get across a lake and the camera zoomed out to show how many were trying to cross and there was about 100+ and i got so grossed out and i started to itch like crazy. but even with one of the lotion commercials, it showed hands waving or something and i got disgusted...PLEASE HELP!
Answers:    don't worry, thats such a common phobia. I'm phobic of bananas! thats much more freaky and pointless lol!

its called...
Entomophobia, or Insectophobia
you need to go to the zoo maybe you'll be familiar with animals
It's called being Mentally Unstable, or, psychopathic.
not sure for that one exactly but check out www.phobialist.com
it has an A-Z or phobias maybe you will find something similar.

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