How fast do heart arteries clog up?

Answers:    depends on how much fat/cholesterol you eat. It can happen pretty fast if you eat a diet of only McDonalds, but we learned in my cardiovascular class that plaque buildup in the arteries can start even before the age of 10, but then you don't see symptoms until 40s or 50s or later.
This depends mostly on diet. A diet of bacon and eggs with buttered toast and fried potatoes, can give you a fast jump on a good clog. It might also be hereditary also. Not sure about that. Why do you ask?
This may not answer your question but I think heredity plays a good role in this, I have small arteries and my son has arteries very small he had a triple bypass at 34 because of small arteries, they became clogged faster than a 50 year old.
It depends on variety of factors, such as fat and cholesterol, but most of all it has to do with genetics.

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