5 day headache..help!?

I have spent the last five days suffering with a headache. Today it was on and off(with meds) and i have taken headache meds, but it is outlasting anything I take!
I also had some specks of blood come out of my nose(3 times or so now at different times I blew my nose)... not a lot, not even enough to call it a "drop" ...but I am concerned after having a headache for this long.
I am a migrane sufferer and have had headaches last for a few days before (rare) but never this long...
any ideas of why this is happening? What can I do to stop them?
Answers:    They might be tension headaches or stress. I have the same problem what my doctor recommended me was to keep a diary of the time i got a headache and do an activity that way i can find a trigger to get rid of my headaches. For me it was jogging, playing sports. Not thinking about my headaches. I had this proble for a month right after school was when i got the headaches and it was all because of tension.
you should try it.
go to the doc or hospital. it may be sinuses but it could be something worse...better safe than sorry.
It sort of sounds to me like it may be a sinus headache. If you suffer from hayfever that could be why you see specks of blood from your nose...sometimes I have nosebleeds but not too often but my Dr. said it comes from allergies...my nose gets all dry.maybe you should go ahead to the Dr. to be on the safe side if decongestants do not work for you.
The number one main cause of headaches is caused by caffeine. Scientists have taken a poll and long term headaches are usually drinking too much coffee, cola, or anything containing caffeine. 33 out of 36 people stopped drinking caffeine and were fine. Hope this was helpful!
Okay, I believe i can relate to you more than anyone here
I have been having the same thing
Very, very harsh headaches and mirgranes, i've been having
It's worse
I just don't know the cause
I had one today; i took ibuprofen and its still going
It's like if i go out somewhere it comes and when it rains it usually occurs
i don't know why, but im thinking like acid-rain or something
(i dunno)
But i would suggest you go and have a scan of your head
I think its called an MRI
try to see when it happens and at what types of weather and then you could tell the doctor about it and they'll see
But i really don't why they are happenning
I have headaches almost 3 times a weak, 12 times a month
And that is serious
I went to the docotor and they still couldn't figure out the problem
But i might try and MRI
you should do something like that
Tumors can be found; even in my case
I've had migraines for about 14-15 years and a chronic daily headache since 2002. I feel your pain. As far as the headaches, it COULD be what you're eating. Up until recently all I drank was soda and energy drinks. I've stopped and feel MUCH better. As far as the blood, it depends on whether you have sinus problems and have dried nasal walls, or if you suffer from allergies. If NOT, I would suggest going back to the doctor. GOOD LUCK
To have a headache for 5 days is pretty long.You must go see a doctor asap.This does not sound good and I'm not saying that to frighten you.Have you ever been diagnosed with depression high blood pressure or hyperthyroidism? I have and i used to suffer terribly from tension headaches for more then 20 years My doctor put me on PROPRANOLOL and now I hardly ever get a headache maybe ones a months and only for an hour or so. Like I said see a doctor i know that you must be suffering..I have been there you can't enjoy life with those headaches.They could really just be because of emotional stress.I wish you fast relief and God Bless.
Tomorrow starts day 5 for my headache from h**l. I am pretty sure it is sinus for me...pressure behind my eyes, in my nasal area, temporal areas.basically anywhere from my chin up. You can keep taking OTC, but this strain seems to need antibiotics; my Aunt has the same thing. Good luck to you, but I'm going to the doctor tomorrow at 1:15
You must leave where ever you are RIGHT NOW rush to the emergency ward for a spinal tap right away!

This I believe it to be an Aneurysm, Blood clot or Tumor!
I beg you to contact me and I shall explain what I can't do here!

When you go to the hospital demand a spinal tap and head scan do not leave there with out these 2 things done asked also for a rectal suppository immediately!
do not be turned away with out these things being done!
Take family member with you for support and remember- Do not be turned away
Contact me only after you have done these things!
Lots of good answers. Blood in nose probably dryness from allergies. 5 day headache ugh (used to have them) taking more pills will not help. Lots of water and especially non chlorine water to flush out all the stuff you have taken.
Ususally migranes can be associated with liver toxicity from allergies, food etc. if you have some milk thistle caps take several with lots of water to flush out your system. Take note of the item you last ate when the headache occurs. You may or may not be allergic or reactive to it but it works like this:
Due to you allergies and problems with migranes you "barrel so to speak is full and the last drop of water overflows it" That means you ate or came in contact with something that triggered the attack.
Wheat and glueten can be a major cause of migrane headaches along with chemicals, perfumes etc. Corn is another one as corn syrup is put into so many foods and they do not have to label that corn is in the product. Hope you feel better soon.
OK. You have very likely got a sinus infection, even if you're not stuffed up. The trouble with being a migrainer is that you're good at pain, so you don't realize how bad it is. Non-migraine people would be gibbering by now, or collapsed in a weeping heap.

Go to the doctor. Get antibiotics. Don't listen to the "It's viral, antibiotics won't help," lecture. You have progressed to "secondary bacterial infection" in all probability.

Until you can get to the doctor, you might try taking Sudafed, a decongestant, which you will have to get from the pharmacist even though it is an OTC drug. It's used to make meth, so they track whoever buys it. This is only a nuisance if you really are running a meth lab, which I doubt.

The problem with the Sudafed is that they jack up your blood pressure, so don't take them if you already have high blood pressure. Take a couple and see if you don't feel a lot better -- except for the damn banana slug sliding down the back of your throat. But that's progress, so bear with it. Don't exceed the maximum daily dosage (of Sudafed, not banana slugs). Read and heed the package instructions.

The reason that some people get headaches with changes in the weather is that they have a chronic sinus infection and/or their sinuses just don't drain well. When the atmospheric pressure changes with a change in the weather, their clogged sinuses either try to explode or implode. It's simple physics, but seems to be beyond the comprehension of many doctors.

Hope you feel better.
Not much else can be added to your answers, although you didn't say "where" your head was hurting. If it is mainly over your eyes and around your face, then yes, most likely it is a sinus infection. The blood could very easily be from the irritation of the infection and/or any allergens you have breathed in.

If it is say the top of your head or the back/neck area of your head, then I would go with those who are suggesting that it is tension or stress.

One thing you might want to try is cold compresses and also the good old fashioned standing in a bathroom with a steaming shower (or put a towel over your head and hold your face over a sink full of steaming water) also makes a great facial!! --- be sure to take a bottle of Vicks Vapor rub with you and open it while you are in there -- this can help break up any congestion which could be packed up in the sinuses.

The Sudafed can be great if you have a lot of nasal congestion, but it can dry you out excessively and cause a worse headache if you're not careful.

The other thing which can help with the blood and possibly the headaches themselves is to "snort" some good old warm salt water. They actually make what they call "sinus washes" but no need to buy those -- a cup full of water and a deep breath are all that's necessary. Feels like getting a wave up your nose at the beach, but the results are FABULOUS!

Another thing you might want to consider is have you had a major "stirring up" of dust -- like spring cleaning or anything? This can wreak havoc on your sinus, especially if you already have a tendency to have allergies and sinus problems. Perhaps you've just got too much "junk" stirred up in the air --- in which case --- open up the house and air it out --- but not on a high pollen day of course.

Good luck!
Hey girl ,I feel your pain. I have suffered with migraines for 30 years. I had cat scans, MRI, EKG,you name it. I have one right now and the only thing that makes it seem better is turn the A/C as cold as possible, find a nice quiet place(bedroom mostly) and make it as dark as possible and sleep. I have also gone to chiropractors and found I had a pinched nerve caused by a disc that was out of alignment. that would help a lot for a while.I would also consider seeing a Neurologist. They have been doing test on migraines for a while now and your physician may not be aware of other treatment options. Mine are so severe that I'm on short term disability from my job. I have spent the last seven years in who knows how many Specialists offices and taking from 800mg Ibuprofen all the way to 80 mg of Oxycontin 4 times a day. Now I am being treated by a pain management PH. who used to be a Nero surgeon . He found a small fracture in my skull. He is currently treating it by killing the nerves in the fracture and prescribing a semi new drug that seems to really help called LY RICA . The nose bleeds are also common with us sufferers, especially during allergy season. I used to get them when I got to hot or overexerted working in the yard.I didn't mean to give you my life story but I hope the info. will help you somehow.Hope you feel better soon and God bless.P.S. There is also a web site called Familydoctor.org that has some good info.
I had violent headaches until I was 50. I discovered that eggs and chicken were the main culprits. Its the antibiotics, hormones and stimulants they put in the chicken and the chicken feed.

But a nurse told me to take aspirin with caffeine such as Anacin, Bufferin, BC Powders etc. I take them sublingually so they don't make my stomach bleed. They do the job for me.

I Cr 13;8a
go to the doctor

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