I'm feel like I'm being bitten by invisible bugs.?

I got out of the shower today and kept feeling little bites all over me. They were like little pin pricks. I've noticed lately that my dog has been biting at herself a lot, too. They are definitely NOT fleas or no-seeums, though, they are even smaller!! I hit a couple of them when they bit me and they were literally no larger than a pin point. I'm wondering where they came from- did my dog bring them inside from the yard? I keep the house very clean and don't see any other reason that they would be here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Answers:    You might be allergic to something even dust mites. Maybe your dog? You know it might be your shower gel do you use Original Mint? It tingles what do you think?
Bed Bugs

Call the exterminator
only advice i can give is lots of bugspray
hopefully pet safe
Ask a vet,I'll bet they know!
Maybe dirt or dust or just very small bugs that you can't see with the human eye.
they could be chiggars .. they start out pretty clear then after they have bitten you oor something they turn red from the blood . Or it could be lice
Better take you and the dog to the vet and find out what you're dealing with!
allergies may be the culprit

try bathing them

try anti' itch cream
You may be being bitten by invisible bugs.
that sucks and i have no clue what they could be
Yeaa sounds like bed bugs check this out
It could be scabies, does it feel prickly and a bit itchy. If so it could be scabies, and it's highly contagious, you need to see a doctor immediately. You can get this by bumping a strangers shoulder, or maybe your kids brought it home from school or something. See a doctor ASAP!
you'r dog may of gotten around some chigger's. that's what it sound's like little bug's. do you live around a lot of tree's, wood's?take u'r dog to a vet.
If you can see them, it could be a "mite". Yes, dogs carry them and can spread them to humans. If your dog is losing hair and has red patches or crusty spots.it's the mange! you best have a vet look at your dog or go to the doctor. Try and save one of the small creatures when you see one.
"go to bed don't let the bed bugs bight if they do TAKE A SHOE BEAT THEM TILL THEY'RE BLACK AND BLUE" =)
Maybe they need to up your meds.
They are not bed bugs, because we found them once in the Hilton in Amsterdam. Bedbugs are bigger than lady bugs.

They could be scabies (see Website 1) which are microscopic, though usually not transmitted through pets on a large scale.

They could also be chiggers (as several other people pointed out).

Go to your drug store and get a shampoo for all your hair and all your body like Rid X and use it according to the instructions. Also, take your dog to a groomer the same day and explain it might be something like that.
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