Anyone have any experience with PCP?

I asked a question the other day about something that happened to my friend when she smoked week. Someone made a suggestion that the weed was laced with PCP and after reading up on it, it sounds exactly like what she went through. The question that I have, is if it was indeed PCP, then why was she the only one that had such a horrible time with it (hallucinations, collapsing, difficulty breathing, vommiting)? She had about the same amount as everyone else and no one besides her noticed anything different than the normal marijuana high. She hadn't had any alcohol or other drugs that day either. Thanks!
Answers:    This is just some bad s#$t, stay away from it. It is usually used as a horse tranquilizer. If your friend lived thru it she is very lucky. Stay away from this crap. Just because nobody else had a reaction THIS time doesn`t mean it wouldn`t happen the next time.
maybe she's tired.. and do alot thinking in her head that day.. seriously this thing matters.. next time (if happen again) giv her strong lime-juice..

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