Am i weird?

When i type or write, alot of the time i write Bs' insted of Ps' or Ps' instead of Bs' and other letters i mix up. Is this normal or am i weird?
Answers:    I do the exact same thing! I always did well in school - so I don't think I have dyslexia or anything! It's just like once my brain starts making the letter, it makes the wrong one, or gets confused or something. I don't think it's anything serious (because I've been doing it for years and I'm still here). I hope someone on here has a good answer about this. :)

Thanks for the good question! I am glad to know I am not alone! :)
you could be dyslexic or somethin
You may have dyslexia, but it could be something that's not so serious.
it's normal just make sure u proof read before u send it or u show somebody
Sounds like dyslexia to me,
tell your parent/guardians so you can get specialized learning
no biggie tho a lot of people have it ,like ADD
You probally suffer from Dyslexia.. your not weird though =]
theres someone in Europe probally asking the same thing =P
So your not alone..
No,you just have three thumbs
I do that too. but with G's and H's on the key broad.
Yes it is weird. However it could make for some interesting and funny reading.
Like, my bet dog parks.
no its not weird, maybe u have some dyslexia? Sometimes i confused orange and green. When I think of green i say orange. Don't know why either.
you betcha.
You may have dyslexia, Or It May Just Be A Habit Of Yours.. It Is Not Nessecarely "Wierd" But It Seems To Be Different Than Normal... I Suggest Going To A Doctor To Get It Checked.
No, I blame the keyboard. If it was set out alphabetically you wouldn't have this problem, who the hell would think qwerty makes any sense what so ever, that's the wierd one. Bring back the good old ABC!
No, please don't go around living life thinking that you are weird. I have a little brother who has really bad issues between the color green and orange. He would always say the other color and it drives me a little bonkers. My cousin too, he has trouble with the lowercase letters b and d. At least you are aware that you are doing this. (Thank goodness).
I dno't see waht yuor poerlbm is.
no normal.

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