Am i addicted and dont know?

i am a bit confused..i smoke like one cigarette in 3 months..then i will not smoke for the rest of the year..

then i will smoke an entire pk. in one day and no more in the whole year...and and and

then i tell my friends or family that i am not addicted but i just will never quit or say i am a non smoker...

my husband smokes, all his friends and thier wives, all my friends smoke and i dont when we go out...but if i am alone at home out of the blue one day i will smoke a cigarette and no more in months or the rest of year...

am i addicted and dont know..or ?
Answers:    No just you like to smoke but you got it in cotrol.; If more people had your talent with smoking people would be much more healthier.
I wouldn't go so far as to say you are addicted. But that is how a lot of addictions start.
I don't think that you are addicted, I think you just use cigarettes to control your stress levels. On the days you smoke a whole pack are you extremely stressed out?
LOL...No, your not addicted. If you were, you would smoke everyday.
Your are not..but u r a ocassionaly smoker..
it doesn't really sound like an addiction. It sounds more like a situational thing.
to be addicted you would have to be lighting one up every time another one ends. but the more you smoke the more you become addicted and the more your health with decrease. id say QUIT. it is the worst and most unhealthy habit u could do. good luck :]
sounds like you are a SOCIAL SMOKER. the fact you can go long periods of time without a smoke shows your not a ddicted to the nictotine (yet) when do you smoke? is it when everyone else around is doing it? this is a dirty, dirty habit and you are lucky not to be addicted. but if you keep going it may take its nasty hold on you so be careful!
I wouldn't say you were addicted cause an addiction you cant stop. Maybe you get stressed out at times and feel like you might need one, I do that sometimes and I like never smoke. But those few times I did when I was extremely stressed out, it helped me feel better! So, no I'd just say you sound like your stressed and looking for a way to calm your nerves!
It all depends on how you look at it.

Usually an addiction means that you do something that you can't stop. Obviously you can stop though.

Maybe your husband will eventually learn something from you.

Sorry to hear that you have so many smoker friends. That doesn't sound like a healthy set of people to socialize with.

I don't think I'd stay with a smoker as a partner. The smell really gets to me, and I don't think I could compromise on that one. There I am getting a headache, smelling bad, and increasing my chances for cancer just to be physically near someone. No thanks. Although, I must admit the oral fixation part is a bit of a turn-on.
It doesn't sound like you are addicted, but maybe just a social smoker.
You're not an addict but it sounds like maybe you get bored sometimes and just smoke. If you were an addict you'd want them all the time. Try carrying gum with you or just have that around as opposed to cigarettes.
I think the answer to addiction is said that if you have to think about that you are doing a lot.. it could be the beginning of an addiction. I saw a show about alcohol, the doctor said to these women, if you think to yourself "do I drink too much or I can just drink one if I had to" that is is the beginning or becoming of an addict. The doctor said people without a problem don't really question the issue in detail. They just go out, have a drink and go home. So to answer your question, is it affecting your life? Do you think about it a lot? Can you just stop completely - being honest with yourself if you can't. Anyway, I hope you can stop completely, I have seen my mother in law die from lung cancer and it was an awful, painful thing. I know others may say I am being extreme but with all the news on the harmful effects of smoking, why not just stop? Use the money for something good. : ) Good luck and healthy wishes to you!
You sound like a social smoker - kind of like a social drinker. I doubt that you're an addict.
Yeah you're addicted. No biggy. Lots of people are.
yes maybe not as much as others but you still wont give it up.why would you not want to say you are a non smoker?just because others smoke doesnt mean you have to or should you dont smoke much so just chew gum instead good luck.
no,,,no,,i m i smoke a pk a day
Here's a very simple way to find out: Never smoke again! Can you do it? There's your answer.
That works with any question of addiction.
Not sure about addiction but u do have a habit that needs to Stop. The world deceive us because it was a time when cigarettes did not have a cancer warning on them. If u have that much control for long times i would advice you to STOP completely. Warning! Smoking herb instead should be legal than those cigarettes. The cigarette now are made to kill u and others around u. Cigarettes give u a buzz then make u sick, breath, clothes, house smell, etc. not worth trying anymore.

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