I used to smoke pot but quit about 3 monts ago and am wondering if its out of my system yet...I think it is?

i am pretty proud of myself that i was able to kick it pretty easily also i am pretty short and weigh about 170lbs
Answers:    It might be out of your system and might not be detectable at your urine at 1 month or so

but unless you're BALD all over, your HAIR roots is the key to Forensic science. your habit of pot smoking remains at the root.

and it won't go away :)
1 month and it is out.
Good Job! It should be out of you!

I'm an ex cigarette smoker and still find it to be hard sometimes!
For drug test purposes, it should be. Congratulations! It is a hard habit to break.
although metabolism matters, it should be out by about the 31rst day

Marajuanna is the longest lasting drug that i know of...most other drugs are out of your system before 1 1/2 weeks
it takes six to eight weeks to be out completely. I'm happy for you and your decision to quit. The money it takes to stay high on pot adds up considerably through the years. So many places of employment test for it now also. Good luck on your future and stay drug free. I'm proud of you too.
OH ya man it should be out like in a month so u should be ok. just drink lots of water and sweat out the THC and u will be ok.
30 days is average.for your weight.if you're REAL chubby, give it another week if you're scheduled for a D.T.
Good on you! It depends on how much you were smoking of course so it could be anywhere up to 7 months as a rule and this includes the mental addiction as well. Congratulations.
Takes about 30 days - you should be good
yep its out only takes 30 days

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