Can someone with 20/20 vision get better with contacts ?

i heard a lot of stuff before about getting better than 20/20

i have vision just fine, is it possible to get vision even better by use of contacts, and if it is, by any chance is it possible to have "special" contacts ... for instance, make my eyes look like crosses, biohazard signs, and/or pink eyes ?
Answers:    yes you can get special contacts , ive seen them at the place i go to which is steins, there were ones with x's on them, or a swirl-y thing, or to make your eyes look like a cats
why would get contacts of you have 20-20 vision
Yes, they do make contacts with weird stuff like that on them.
Some I saw were cat's eyes, X's and moons
no not really becuase once you have them your eyes become dependant on them and it can actually make your vision worse
Yes, you can look online for a variety of crazy contacts. Also, although some people mistakenly believe that 20/20 vision is perfect, it isnt, and there are people who have better than 20/20 vision. I suppose with contacts you could see better than 20/20 but very few eye doctors are going to prescribe contacts for someone who has good vision. In that case contacts would only do more harm than good.
no 20/20 is the best
however it is possible to get eye contacts
for changing color of eyes etc

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