Does anybody have problems with really bad anxiety & panic attaches? From Renee?

Answers:    Yes, I did.
I still suffer a bit, mostly I"m afraid that I may have another attack. When I suffered frequent attacks it developed into agoraphobia (afraid to be in public places) as a way to not have to deal with the fear.
Medications and therapy helped a lot!
When I was younger. Really bad!! For what seemed like no apparent reason.
Not so much now, because I recognize them, and usually will talk my way through or remove myself from situations.
best product ever i take everyday and don't worry i don't sell all natural..balances cell...soo good for recogized as a can't overdose and it won't build up in your system!!
Used very bad.couldn't drive, couldn't be "around" people,,,,,couldn't breath.I am now on has turned my life around..I know it doesn't work for everyone but I have a life back and I love it..good don't have to live that way..I have decided that even if I have to take two pills every day for the rest of my least I have a life...goood can get better.
I stay away from Renee then.
I had bad problems with bad anxiety attacks too, and panic attacks! To the point when I couldn't even sleep. I started taking a supplement called Heart Smart Foundation Supplement, from this website, - It's about $49.95 but if you join their continuity program it goes down to $39.95. I swear it's what saved me, I really do, I am more calm, I get a good night's sleep. This vitamin is PACKED with awesome nutrients! Good luck sweetie!
I used to but not anymore & I didn't have to take any meds. I had panic/anxiety attacks a long time ago, when I was very depressed & had no self esteem, self confidence, or feelings of self worth. Once I began losing weight, I felt so much better about myself & the attacks dropped way off. When I was so heavy, I didn't like myself, & it really showed. I was afraid to do things on my own, & that included doing errands for my ex when we were still married & he was in business for himself. He wanted me to run errands for him, to places I'd never been before. I forced myself to get in the car & go but the further away from home I got, the more panicky I became. I had to talk to myself & tell myself that I could accomplish this errand & that my ex would be proud of me. Once I was headed home, I felt so much better & proud of myself to think that I was able to jump over another hurdle. I rarely get these panic attacks anymore. I have had a recent bout of depression, but no paninc attacks emerged. I'm on Lexpapro & now that my serotonin levels are where they should be, I feel so much better. Lexparo is also prescribed for those who have panic/anxiety attacks.

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