Does anybody know i wasy i can stop cracking my knuckles constantly?

i need help trying to stop cracking my knuckles, my parents get totally annoyed!
Answers:    Yeah i have the habit too. Constantly, right when they are up for a fresh cracking then I do it, haha. It's all mind over matter, remember that they DON'T need cracked as tempting as it is. Wear stiff gloves where you can't bend your knuckles enough to crack for about a day to get use to not being able to crack your knuckles. Or just cough or something when you crack your knuckles if your parents get annoyed.

Hope this helps.
It is a nervous reaction. Think about it! When do you crack your knuckles?

When you are with your parents? when you are stressed?. I crack my toes in bed. It's sort of a pacifier. You do it to re leave tension.
well, here's the thing, cracking knuckles is one of those habits you don't think about. Most people do it. If you really want to stop everytime you do it think about it and stop. It's a hard habit to break.
try wearing a stiff pair of gloves for a while until the urge of clicking or cracking your knuckles has gone then take the gloves off but if it come s back put the stiff gloves back on
the gloves have to be so the fingers are kept straight and not able to bend
I do the same thing all the time.every day, every time I can, every time I get nervous... it's bad for your knuckles.just wait until we get older we are gonna regret it.

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