About to have a breakdown?

Lately I been feeling under so much pressure, nervous, anxious and frustrated about getting high grades and learning that I feel like I about to explode. School just started where I live, so I set in mind to have a great report card at the end of the year and learn a lot ( I want to expand my mind, be excellent in very subject)

Thing is..that everything seems to be going downhill. I already took 6 exams, in which I failed 3 (and I studied really hard for all of them) , while most of my classmates passed them all without studying.

This is unfair, why do I have to feel about to have a breakdown and they don't? their ultimate problem is where to go dancing Saturday night... Why nobody notices? everybody seems to praise cheating and not studying? Am I being selfish and jelous? what should I do to calm down?..

And I know that I sound like a nerd but..I don't know.that just the way I am. Sorry if I offend anyone.
Answers:    Well, firstly, relax a little. I'm not kidding.

Flunking exams isn't so fun, but perhaps you are trying too hard. Just sitting there studying for hours at an end is counterproductive. You end up reading a lot and just forgetting it. That's not the way to succeed.
Instead of cramming for the exams just play with the information in the class. Find ways of applying the material in the real world. Figure out for yourself how things go together, perhaps in with your own story. When the exam comes around, you'll do a bit better.

Now, if you happen to be the kind of person who studies math for an hour, the social studies for an hour, then science for an hour, consider taking a nice break and relaxing a little between subjects. Not to watch tv, but to just veg out and think a bit on how it all went together. Also think of what you would do with the information (no, you can't just decide that it is useless, you have to find a use or purpose).

Your classmates may very well have passed without studying. Some folks are like that. Some just study when you aren't looking. Some have learned to study more effectively.

Pay attention in class. That doesn't mean copy everything down, it means write down what you need to remember or the logic behind the facts. Relax a little and look for the patterns in the material, rather than just the facts. One secret of education is that the concepts ore important and the facts just illustrate them. If you understand the concepts, then the facts flow from them.

Good luck. There is no magic bullet here. It takes a lot of work, and perseverence. It also takes learning how your mind works and how to make it work better. You also must realize that the more exercise you give your mind, the better it will do.
you are being very anxious when you should be happy=you are working at it too hard and when you do that you won't remember as well=the others seem happier as they aren,t worried about trying to be perfect
Antidepressants have been my friend for a while now. I would check into something to help you. I use Celexa. I am HAP HAP HAPPY! LOL
yea i wasnt that good in school either i should have dropped out in the ninth grade, in my situation i didnt need it, i never had a problem with finding a decent job especially the one i have now
aw why would u offend anyone? you just seem like you jusst might be taking too much on for yourself. its a mental thing tho. meaning you have to put yourself in the right mind set. for me, i run when im angry and listen to music when im stressed, and dancing makes me forget everything. you have to find your own way to deal with it that makes you happy or whatever.

oh and forget about tho who cheat just get them out of your mind. they arnt actually learning anything and u are so u will go further in life. i kno exactly how u feel with that.
You do not sound like a nerd because you have good study habits, just make sure when you study you are in a quiet area without distracting noises, tv, music, etc. If you begin to get stressed take a break. have someone test quiz you, so you know which questions you need to work on, Good luck on future exams. Hope this helps. Don't beat yourself up about it. If you are doing your best thats all that matters.
You need to smoke some reefer before you loose it. Chill out with your favorite music. Before my hardest tests I always smoked, which was great for the test, but those peticular harder tests didn't carry boo for overall grade points in the class.
Some things come easier to some folks and most of us struggle. Its because we are striving for perfection, and because we work so hard we almost over do it. Never worry about what the other people are doing because you never no what other problems they might have. From now one study in sessions not just one big one. Like one hour this chapter break for a min then go back so on and so forth. I've had this problem all through my hs, and college years but it helps me to just relax and study when i feel like it not when under pressure. You will do fine in life, in the end you will have the best job and they will bag your groceries ;-)

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