I cant sleep!?

ok i go to bed about 12:00 and i have to wake up @ 6:00 becuase of school i just have sooo many thoughts going through my mind when its time for bed i have a boyfriend and i think about him and i have friends that need help and because i think of my friend that died and i miss her. also those stupid ticks like the whole count the sheep jumping over the fence and count backwards from 100 doesnt help me and i dont want to take and pills PLEASE HELP ME!
Answers:    think of a place that you want to go or what do you want to be when you grow up.
or close eyes eyes and pretend you are in some place that you really want to go, or listen to music
have a screwdriver before going to bed. Its always helped me!
take sleeping aid
juss dont think at all and blank up your mind
get sleeping pills
Try going to bed with music or a t.v on and a warm cup of milk
I can sort of relate I go to bed around 12 I to have a boyfriend and my mother passed away...I think you should go to the doctors they may be able to prescribe a sleeping pill or something
I use to have this noone died though but..

Just forget everything.

Make your whole mind blank.

Don't think or trigger anything that will make you think of any of those subjects.

don't put thoughts in your head..

That's what I do.
get your work done earyler go to sleep earyler and eat a quick and fast dinner
I'm not much of a holy person, But i've been told from a rather reliable source that meditation etc can REALLY help soothe mind and rid of any unwanted/needed thoughts.

Hope i helped.
You need to calm down before bed by getting a hobby such as drawing reading or writing. I know from experience that this helps a lot.
U have so much going on in your mind! You need to find a way of clearing out all the thoughts that are in your brain!. Try having a hot bath and a warm drink before going to bed. its hard to dismiss your thoughts of your friend that died, I too have lost a dear friend and it plays a lot on my mind, but you have to focus on whats happening in your life today, I hope your able to move on. good luck.
A couple of hours before u go to bed, call, text message or IM your boyfriend and friend to let them know whats on your mind. Then talk to a brother, sister, or parent right before going to bed. When you try to go to sleep, think of nothing and close your eyes. It should work. I am soooo sorry your friend died that is sooo sad RIP
do not i repet do not take sleeping pills their hightly addictive just try and meditate before your going threw a lot right now so when you want to sleep meditate ok
well I heard that if you eat penut butter that it is accually a relaxent and it will put people to sleep.
well think of happy things, don´t worry about stuff that you can think of during the day, try to get some sleep, your life must be nice think of that and don´t worry because you are getting stressed.
I know what losing a friend can do, and unfortunately more than a year later, you will still have sleepless nights because of it...
Um have I've heard warm milk and things such as that helps... maybe you could try that... I know from experience what is like to have thoughts running through your head and not able to sleep, I suffer from this problem as well... Through time you can almost teach yourself to not think at all but it is definately not always possible..
Try something relaxing before going to bed. I found that stretching to calmer music is quite relaxing and can sometimes settle your uneasy mind. Good Luck!
read a book before going to sleep. your eyes will get tired and you will want to sleep right away!
Sometimes when I can't get to sleep,I get my partner Bruce to hit me with the phone book.

If this isn't an option for you try feeling the thought then letting it go.Do this with each thought.It's healthy and relaxing.
u have alot on ur mind.mabye u should see a doc or theripist or sum1.cause ur prob about 2 start ur period or sumtingbecause thats wat happend to me when my friend robby deid in a plane crash w/ his grandpa but it went away
in about 2 or 3 weeks it sucks but thats how i went through it
play soft music, i have this thing that makes it sound like its raining it works really good because rain makes me sleepy, so does being cold turn on a fan or something, just do something that makes u sleepy.
Don't drink any more soda.Don't drink any more coffee.The reason you can't sleep is because you have a lot of issue in your life.Your girl friend past away and you are thinking about your boyfriend.you have to think about school.You need somebody to talk to.Like a doctor you have not got all your issue out.If you do not get a lot of sleep it can cause you to think about crazy things.You have insomnia.Take my advice go get some sleeping pills.Miss one day out of school forget about your boyfriend and friends.I know what I'm talking about because I became bipolar because I couldn't sleep.So I had tough ts of hurting my self.I was put in a mental hospital because the things that happen in my life that year I couldn't get over it.When you lose somebody close to you.You never get over it.Then you start pushing everybody else away.Then you end up losing the ones you love.So you all in the world alone again.
You could listen to some music or just go to bed early you can still think of your thought but just shut your eyes.
They say reading is good but I get excited about stories, so I read boring things and it works sometimes. I found in meditation that though I may not always get sleep I wish, that mediastion aids in rest. Try a spirit sleep letting the body sleep and spirit astrotravel. meditate before so the mind rests too and only the restless spirit is active to redeem its necessity.
I believe that your insomnia is just a symptom of anxiety disorder. You do not need medication, you are not crazy. You need real answers that work. You described all the symptoms of obsessive thinking. I know because I've been there. Here is one technique I've learned: don't try to stop the thoughts, instead picture yourself walking up to an old barnyard gate, really see it, feel the breeze, feel the roughness of the gate under your hands as you pull the gate open. Stand back and watch as the stampede of horses (your obsessive thoughts) rush past you and down the winding path that leads to nowhere ( you know it leads to nowhere because you've gone down that same path too many times). Then push the gate closed, feel your muscles flexing in your arms and back as the bottom of the gate drags over the dry, dusty earth. As the gate closes you relax in the peace and quiet.
Instead of finding answers on how to get to sleep, my suggetion is to get answers on how to soothe yourself when you are anxious or having obsessive thoughts. Sleep will come and you will feel better all around. My suggestion is From Panic to Power by Lucinda Bassett. Sweet Dreams, Carebear.

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