Do the memories of sexual abuse feel hazy to you?

Obviously the question is directed at those who were sexually abused (inc. as children).

Sometimes my memories of these events feel hazy, as if I dreamt them. At an age in life where I didn't know it was sexual abuse. I don't know if my brother or stepsisters remember it ever happening either, and that's make me doubt my memory even more. My Mum calling me a liar when I told her about it made me feel even more insecure.

The only thing I know is that one memory is so haunting that I know this pain couldn't be product of imagination.

Does anyone who was sexually abused ever feel like these memories are hazy and almost unreal? I'm having lots of trouble coping with the supressed memories these days.
Answers:    Well my mother was sexually abused terribly as a child and she is still to this day and she is 41 having flash backs and new memories of what happened to her.
Children do not dream up that they are sexually abused and your mother should feel ashamed for calling you that. Children repress horrible memories so of coarse it would feel hazy and it may seem more clear at later times in your life. Do not feel ashamed and do not doubt yourself you know what happened and no one else. Good luck and I wish you the best.
Have you had any therapy? When you go through any kind of abuse, a part of your mind shuts off. It's a survival response. Is there someone you can talk to? A therapist would be best, but, clergy, a friend? You need to get it out to deal with it.
unfortunalty i remeber them clearly. baby ive been raped and sexually abused from my mothers boyfriend. { i ended up having to beat him with my bat to get him out of my house!} talk to your school councler or even a trusted adult. when i told my mom she told me not to tell ne one about her bf cuz then it will ruin her repuataion! that hurt me so bad! and the rape issue hurts when i think about it also. but i was able to talk to my school councler and it helped alot. i am also seeing a therapist which helps me so much deal with all this. i am 17 and i havent told no body but my closest friends and my step mom {and school councler and theripst} about what happened. you need to talk to someone you can trust . you cant act as if nothing happened cuz it did. if you try and forget about it later in life it WILL catch up to you! please talk to someone k! and no that nothing is your fault!
oh please do go to counseling..this type of thing has destroyed one of my friends..because she didn't talk to anyone about it...please do this...she has a lot of built up anger and doesn't know how to let will help to go to really will..
Yes, all the time. I'm 17, but when it happened to me I was 15. My coping mechanisms where to just block it out and pretend it never happened. Just like it was someone else's life I was watching like a movie.

I'm really sorry for what you have been through and that your mother didn't believe you. It's never to late to seek help, so please do this! Good luck and I know you can get through this!

I wouldn`t no because I have not been sexualy aboused but if i had been i would be fearious because that person would all ways be in my mine
well i was abused at 7 and i am now 25 and sometimes it get a lil fuzzy. i only remebr snap shots of my abuse but i have been in deep theraphy for 5 years. so i recommend talking to a trama therpist. they have been the best for me because regular therpist really have no clue on trama issue. you probley are blocking. so yeah i would find a trama therpist who deal in childhool sexual abuse trama the mind is fragil it also does what it has to to block bad memeories.
good luck
Sometimes I have flashbacks and memories that seem hazy as well. My doctor tells me that it's because when I was a child and going through these experiences that I was trying to place myself somewhere else. She said that a lot of children will create an alter ego to deal with the abuse, and at instead of doing that, I just stepped outside of myself so that it was like it wasn't me going through the situation, but like I was watching someone else go through it instead, and when I have the memories, that is what it is like sometimes, even though I know they are my memories. It's like I am floating above myself and watching these terrible things happen to me. Apparently that was my way of coping with the abuse at the time. i don't know if that's the same way it effects other people or not, but that's how it does me.
I am a survivor of sexual abuse and have had memories like those you are describing. I always knew I was abused, I have some very vivid memories of being fondled However, I have had dreams of being raped and "flooding memories" of different times when I was forced to perform oral sex. I know it is hard to come forward with these memories and I respect you for having the courage to seek answers. There are some wonderful programs and counselors available to help with this problem. It is very hard to take that first step, but you are doing that right now. This hotline can help locate someone near you who can guide you through this painful time. I am a mother and a nurse and 42 years old and still seeking answers.

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