Am I going mad?

Hi, I'm 25 years old and I think I'm having a not quite mid life crisis. I've been in my job for 3 months and am completely down the middle about whether it is the thing for me or not. My boss is my landlord and so I can't switch off from work. I'm on minimum wage so can't afford to move out of my house share into another place. I have the option of going back to mum's but will lose independance and i fear my life will become terribly dull. My girlfriend doesn't know if she wants me any more because I'm so down all the time. I have a lot of time to think at work which doesn't help as my brain is going round in circles. I also suffer from o.c.d. The only good things about the job are that its close to home and mon -fri 9-5.30. and the career ladder is quite good. The trouble is I don't know whether to stick to it and/or move house. Arrgghh! My only real escape at the moment is watching films to take me away from it all. I have a doctors appointment for depression today. Please Help!!
Answers:    I think you are firstly stressed out by living in the same space with you boss. Therefore there is no sense of privacy and personal space especially after work.

And if you are bored during work, i suggest that you start searching for a more mind stimulating job or even something that interested you.

I will leave you too if you keep putting on a long face, looking depressed and unmotivated every single day.

Pull up your socks and kick off your depression. Everything will be better once you do something about it.
Dr. Phil : Whatever you do, if you turn on your television set and start listening to me, that means you've hit rock bottom and you're in serious trouble. If u have not resorted to that yet, ur still ok
Keep the job but move out of the house.Take your problems to your doctor.
take it easy, nothing will change if u get mad.
my advice to you is to stay in your job until u find a better one.
who likes his/her boss?? no one
Also, try to read anything about managing your time :)
You are enslaved by your laziness & cowardice. Go for a better option and forget about the room & landlord.
You didn't really say what kind of job it is, but it sounds as if you're not being challenged enough at work, and if not, it will get old really fast. You're still very young, so think about the things you really like to do and find a job/career that will stimulate your interest. Even if it means moving back in with your "mum" for a while until you can start making enough to find your own place again, it's better than spending the rest of your life in a job you don't like.

Good luck.
Considering the lenght of your question and irritation caused by it , YES
You have to find another job

and if you suffer from depression you Change your lifestandart
I can only tell you what I would do !

I'd 101% go back to mums, which would take the pressure off of your work / landlord situation.

With the pressure off, at mums, I'd re-evaluate where I wanted my life / career to be and with the extra money go out and do it !

It's Ok being dependent but if your relationship is suffering and your feeling depressed let mum look after you for a bit so you can clear your head.

As I said it's only what I'd do..

Good luck

i would move back in with your mom 4 a while you may lose independance but if your talk to her about how you feel im sure she will try and give you as much independance as possible. Having your boss as a lanlord when you have only worked there 3 months is not good 1 yes you cant switch off and 2 if you do decide its not the job for you then you will have 2 see him after you leave. pop to the docs about the ocd its common and he will point you in the right direction. chill out nothing is that bad it will all get sorted eventually .keep smiling take care
I am going to suggest something that no one has suggested yet.

Tell your boss you are interested in finding another type of employment because the wages are not what you are looking for. Do not tell him you are leaving 'now' but do begin to look for another job.
This will give him a heads up and then he won't be so angry with you when you do find something else.

You do not have to give up your apartment as long as you are paying the rent. Do not move out of your house on account of your boss. That would be wrong. Minimum wage is no wage to live in a place just to pay rent and to not have a single thing.

Do not move in with mother it will make things harder.
If you can not stand the place that much then seek a friend to room with until you can find another apartment.

As for your girlfriend, you can do nothing about them. They will do whatever they want to do and think whatever they want to think. Women are like that. You could be totally calm and nice to her for a while and she wouldn't think anything of it. She would think that everything is 'normal' As soon as you bring this subject up again she will think you are back to 'moping' again. She is simply tired of hearing about it. She doesn't think there is much of a problem.
See this site for help with mental issues which are all related to stress.
it ok! and it is ok for you! go to your doctor, talk with your mother let her know what is going on with you! think about looking for another unit. I understand you when you are talking about being independance, sometime we have to step back! you do have time! watching old film is cool, but not by yoursef this time! get out of the house and be around people! Think about things that are fun! you are going to fine!! ps I would look for something that you like doing; Do what you like and the money will come!
ay yay!
il be turning 25 tis year too and i must admit i got some fears sometimes...but never in my mind that il be that coward to finally be mad!
sure we all have troubles or down moments in life...but as long as we live, we should never stop!
regarding your job, if there's this unhappiness that u have then go look for another one! we are young and as expected we should be vigorous in finding a decent job that at least we are happy with!
problem with us guys, is that we all love to be independent that we never fully understand what it really means! to be independent is to sacrifice in order to know your strength, your capabilities and as a whole, your very own SELF! the way to it is isnt easy! you jst need to set your goals and be focus in it!
but when are we gona say that i can or can't make it anymore? it isn't a matter of giving up or winning, but it is with everyday of our lives that matters, and that there would always be people that would help most especially our parents! some say there isnt no one to help you but ur own self, true enough...but for me, a help extended from our parents would be enlightening! you can talk it out to your mom, what help she can extend but point out too that u want some that u can slowly learn to be independent!
with matters of your heart, jst sit down and have a real talk with your girlfriend! being true to what you feel is more important than hanging on to something that would only make more pain in the end! if she isnt happy...compromise! find ways to win her back if u love her so!
battling depression can be so cruel! and sometimes would take time...but it would still be up to you to face it and battle it out!
Goodluck! Do pray!
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Try out for a city job. u might be ok.
ask your boss for a review of your work . when he gives you that review just ask him if he really thinks you are someone that will climb the ladder there and if so how long until you are making more money and have moved up the ladder.
if he says no your a person that most likely will stay in the position your in then look for another job. send resumes by fax or email during your time off. i assume you have your own phone where you live . if not then get one or leave your parents number as the one to use then have them call you if there is a job prospect call.

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