I am obsessed with pens, could this be a disorder?

I have like 100's of them
Answers:    The pen is mightier than the sword!
are any of them pen 15's?
I don't think it's a disorder. Maybe you could start collection them as a serious hobby?
Start a collection and make a hobby out of it.

Thanks for reminding me, I actually have to buy some pens, cause I have none, mind lending me one jk =P
Not a "disorder" per se, but maybe a subconscious clue? Perhaps you have an issue with self-expression? shy but creative? repressed but inwardly assertive?
No. There's no problem with that. Unless u are a virgine, of course:))
i wouldnt say it is a disorder, but if you look back in your life, were there any experiences you had with pens? maybe you are obsessed with them because on an unconcious level they make you feel safe or remind you of a moment you enjoyed. i dont want to sound like Freud or some freak, but you never know.

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