Do those with Bipolar disorder look young for their age? Can the?

aging gene network be broached by mental illness? Can the cell aging process be changed by the disorders in the brain?If that is not the cause for looking young then what causes those who avoid depression to look so much older than those who have had depression?
Answers:    People think I'm almost 10 years younger than I am. They guess 25 when I am really 34.

I think a big part of it is that I act younger due to the isolation of my years of depression without medication. It's like I never lived those years.

I'm shy, too, and I have a young voice. Someone recently commented that I sound 16 years old on the phone!

Also I was indoors almost all the time so I have very little sun-damage or wrinkles.
No. There is no connection.
I never thought about that. I have depression and I look at least 7 years younger than what I am. Interesting
There's no connection between the two. People with bipolar or unipolar depression can look young for their age. They can also look old for their age. Or they can look their age exactly. Just like is true for the general poplation. If you've noticed a correlation between mental illness and looking younger, then it's just because your sample size is too small.
The male I know with BiPolar, looks much older than he really is.
I am Bipolar and have always looked older than my age, yet I have also been very mature for my age, but I would think the stress of the highs and lows of the bipolar disorder would wear the body down and cause it to age faster.

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