Do Sociopaths Seem to Be at an Increased Risk for ADD or ADHD?

Answers:    Sociopathy is a personality disorder in which the person has little regard for others and is antisocial. Attention deficit disorder is a neurological disorder resulting in a host of symptoms. I was a Forensic Counselor in a criminal court for many years however and saw many people who were diagnosed ADD or ADHD. However, the ADD folks were committing petty crimes and the antisocial (sociopaths) were committing more serious offenses. I would ask your question from the other direction. Do ADD folks have an increased risk of becoming sociopaths? Sociopaths are very impulsive like ADD people. They have some common traits but I have not heard of a solid correlation between the two. Some researchers believe sociopathy is neurobiological which puts it in the same category as ADD. I don't think there is a definitive and proven answer to your question but I woiuldn't be surprised, based on my professional experience, if ADD folks are more susceptible to becoming antisocial. Hope this helps.
What's Sociopaths?
Hysteria and sociopathy are closely related...

'Hysteria is a disease of women and sociopathy mainly men."

"Woman felons often present a mixed picture of hysteria and sociopathy."

"There is significant overlap of hysteria and other medical and neurological disease."

From this I would have to guess that ADD and/or ADHD could be more prevalent in sociopaths. Check the source for more information.
You've got to wonder if indeed it is the child labelled as ADHD or ADD and the resulting dificultes in school and socially that causes the sociopathy. I work in corrections and a great number of my clients appear to have been diagnosed with and medicated for hyperactivity disorders when they were in the school system. However I am not an expert, this is just my observation.
I think it's probably the opposite. Kids with ADD/ADHD come into contact with lots of adults who don't know how to handle their behaviors appropriately and as a result, they child is often ostracized for it or allowed to do what ever they want in order to make it easier for the adults to deal with it. This negative attention combined with lack of supervision is a recipe for the making of a sociopath. Ppl under the age of 18 are labeled anti-social, 18 and over, sociopaths.
Not high risk, they are definitly one or the other...

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