Who thet ever allow anyome who has been to pysch ward those inside? Cause I think I found a job?

As in - I've been there and make all the jokes you want- but I think I can make a difference- I have seen people locked up and drugged- but I think I found a calling- again- been there and got released= can that get me back me on track?
Answers:    I don't understand your question. Are you asking if you will be allowed to work in a psych ward if you have been a patient yourself...if so, the answer is yes. Most hospitals have a time frame of how long you have to have been released before you can apply...
They'd definitely allow you to work there. I've been in and out of psychiatric facilities, and they were willing to train me as a peer counselor/ sex ed counselor for teens. I'm 21 now, about to finish college, and trust me, helping others is a great motivator.
Yes you can work there and since you have been threw it in your past you can understand and make a difference, Go for it.

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