I NEED a good psyciatrist?

I am 14 and I have been suffering from clinical deppression since I was 10. I have been on prozac, zoloft, and about three other types of meds in the past 4 years and I have totally given up. are there any new treatments that they are working on, or new meds? or does anyone know anything that can help me? I am totally at rock bottom and I have been for the past four months. I'm not even thinking about suicide because I'm so deppressed that I think even that will do nothing and maybe I'll be just as miserable in hell. someone please help me
Answers:    I would look into having a brain scan and seeing if there has been some sort of trauma to your brain in some way which would result in its inability to function at the level you need to function. You must try to seek out someone who's opinion you can trust and try like hell to get better. I attempted suicide in my younger years and regret now that I ever would have gone that route. The world needs whatever gifts you can give it. Find a positive outlet for your feelings. Mine was writing poetry and some of it was very dark at first then after a few years I could see it wasn't so negative. Good Luck!
I would stop taking the meds and I would volunteer in a childrens cancer ward. Come on! Life sucks somtimes, but at 14 to be on all thes meds? Sounds like me.. when I was 14. are you gay? It is ok if you are!
There are few "good" psychiatrists. You are very young, but you still need to use your brain and research. For many, drugs are not the answer. Exercise does more for depression than most drugs. Set and accomplish goals. It is a major self-esteem booster, and will hopefully give you some self worth. Suicide can be a tempting alternative. Just remember, you are only 14. In one month, one year, or a decade, you could have a terrific life. Hold on for now. SEARCH for methods to alleviate your pain. Drugs and alcohol are of course a patch, usually making the problem worse.
Look at your diet, try to determine if the foods you are eating are setting off any food allergies, dairy, corn , and sugar are very common allergies. If this doesn't work go see a natropath and get tested for candidas albicans, which is a yeast. Its found in your gut and when you are not properly digesting foods, yeast will grow and pass into your blood stream causing allergies. Your depression may be organic in nature and until you determine its underlying cause medication will be only a band aid.

If your depression is caused by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder then try listening to various self hypnosis tapes. This has helped me tremendously.

Another alternative is biofeedback, the initial costs are high but the results are permanent and their are no side effects involved.

Hope this helps.

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