Have you ever experienced job burn-out?

What were your symptoms? Fatigue, anxiety, depression? Did you find relief and how?
Answers:    Most definitely. I was extremely irritable, oftentimes angry, and my work performance deteriorated. There was a lot of anxiety that both fueled and resulted from my irritability and anger. I was depressed, too, but I was depressed before and after the job, so I don't attribute that to the burn out.

I quit my job. I should've found a new one first, but I didn't. Definitely find a new job first if you're thinking about leaving your current position.

There are some similar things going on at my new job, but they're not nearly as bad as the one I burned out at. Overall, the work is more fulfilling than flipping burgers. Food and retail are horrible and I get anxious just thinking about working in either industry. Customers don't yell at me quite so frequently for things that are beyond my control. Now I get to work with people going on vacation and taking their kids to Disneyworld. They're usually pretty happy.
Inability to focus, extreme irritability, and a partial feeling that one is going 'mad.'

When was the last time you did something for yourself? Took a vacation? Did some light reading? Revaluated your career/goal/ambitions?

Try to remember why you're there, your purpose.
Find some perspective. Engage in relaxing activites. Talk to someone close about the stresses your job entails, etc.

On a side note, I have not personally experienced job burn-out, but I've seen it a bit here and there. Goodluck.
Of course.

I get irritated easily and my temper becomes real short. At times, I find myself having a hard time controlling my anger. Then, I wonder why am I working so hard and is all that effort worth it or not. Might even slip into a day-dream of revoking or just throwing in the towel.
Well, but after I have cooled down, simmered and doing a personal reflection, I would think my actions and thoughts are immature.

Relief would definitely be a good break.. either a short period of leave, or even simply a good meal or sleep.

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