Am i a bad person?

A few days ago, I had a big fight with my parents. I was really upset, so I went upstairs and locked myself in my room. I turned on the radio and just tried to cool down. But all of a sudden I felt all this hate and anger toward my parents. I don't know why I did this, but I took a sharp barette and a scratched my left wrist pretty hard. I scratched it five or six times. I had to lie to my mom about where I got the cuts. Do you think that I'm a bad person because I cut myself? Am I going crazy? This is going to sound weird, but I wanted to see myself bleed a little. I don't want to do this again! What should I do please help me
Answers:    You are NOT a BAD person And You are Definitely NOT CRAZY. actually you are quite normal. Hate and anger are just displaced hurt. So it makes sense that you are feeling these strong emotions and don't know what to do. a lot of cutters do so because they can't Handel so much pain inside with no outward causes so they cut themselves so they can say that is what is hurting them and not their emotions.
Another reason people may cut is because they are numb inside and want to feel human. this doesn't sound like you so you have nothing to worry about.
You should talk to your parents, when you are not upset, about your concerns, and about the possibility of seeing a counselor and getting involved in activities where you can meet peers, so you don't feel so isolated

Good Luck Darlin
No your not a bad person, you need to talk to your parents about this though and maybe you should see a counsellor if your worried this might happen again.
You are not a bad person but you might continue to do this evertime you get stressed or upset. Talk to your parents and you need to talk to someone professional about this.
I know this mignt be hard, but you should talk to your parents about that... your not a bad person. if not your parnets someone you can reach out to like a school counselor?
A bad person? No

Attention seeking, Perhaps.
No your not a bad person but I would suggest talking to someone before you really hurt yourself.
Beginning of a bad road to something worse...recognize that it is not something that is helpful, and if you ever feel the anger again like you did, you MUST find a different "coping mechanism" than cutting. Choose something positive.
Your not a bad person but what your doing isnt normal.
Talk to your parents or a councellor, or someone you trust alot.
I think that whenever you feel guilty you cause yourself pain to make the guilt go away. Maybe you should try solving problems before they lead to arguements. Sometimes, even when your right, its best just to accept the blame then hurt the person you love because you may regret later, especially if you find out you were wrong.
No, you're not a bad person. Most people who wonder if they are bad are actually good people. So you are a good person.

There are people who cut themselves when upset. It is a known condition, but I would say it is a serious concern, and if you find yourself tempted to do it again, you should talk to someone about it. It can be a school counselor if you don't feel comfortable telling your parents.
No, you are not a bad person. I would think that you are angry about more than just your parents, though. Why are you so angry at 'life' right now? Displaced anger is when we are upset with lots of 'stuff' and take it out on particular people. I believe you are angry at yourself about something. What is it? Do you know? Have you ever 'cut' yourself, before? This is serious business. Many people spend their lives cutting themselves when they become upset, frustrated, angry. This is highly dangerous. Do not cut yourself. Find another outlet for your anger, PLEASE. Talk to the school nurse or counselor, or a fav teacher about this. Do you go to church? If so, you could talk to your pastor, priest, or rabbi, etc.. You do need help in getting rid of your anger. First, you need to understand WHY you are so full of rage. THEN, you can work to get rid of it. Cutting yourself, locking yourself in your room, being full of hate for your parents...what is the REAL problem, right now? Is it even anything to do with your parents? Could be, you are really frustrated about something else, entirely. Please, try to talk to someone who WILL listen, not a friend your age, but, an adult who can help you. Whom do you trust in that area? Go to that person and talk it out.
Good luck.and no more cutting..o.k.?
no dear this is not because you are a bad person. this a sign that shows something is wrong. maybe for some reasons you think you deserve to have a pain and injury yourself. be hounest with yourself and try to findout whats going on. if you think you cant help yourself try to solve it with a conselor. and dont forget you have a kind GOD that you can talk to and ask everything you want. you deserve the best.
good luck
I think that you may have anger issues. Its quite normal to get really mad at parents but you shouldn't go to the extent where you harm yourself or anybody else. If you get really angry try taking a few deep breaths and then counting to ten.Also you can write down what you're angry about in a journal,this way you will be taking your anger out on the paper instead of on yourself.Think of the reason why you are angry and think rationally about this.Try to see things from your parents point of view . Then admit that you were wrong or over reacted and go and tell your parents that you are sorry. If you don't want to admit that you were wrong go to your parents, tell them that you were sorry for acting the way you did and ask them if they can see things from your point of view.Compromise with them and try to work things out. By doing this you will avoid harming yourself.Good Luck!!And you are not a bad person at all.Everyone gets angry.
You are not a bad person. You let your anger get the best of you and lost it for a few minutes. It happens to most of us once in a while, with varying outcomes.

The important thing is that you realize you should not have done it and know that you don't want to do it again. Talk to your parents about. Tell them - calmly - that you did it, you know it was wrong, and you wish you hadn't. Tell them that the next time there is a problem between them and you, that you would like all three of you to find some other way of working it out, because you don't want to feel like that again. Make sure they know you are not placing blame on them, but that you all need to work together on this.
no, tu no eres mala persona, solo parece que tus padres no te entiendan.
I am
write to mi.
do you need a reason to live...or to die?

"In my many years online, I have met dozens if not hundreds of people who find themselves thinking the exact same thoughts you're thinking -- I can't go on any longer. I just feel too overwhelmed by it all. Nobody loves me, and those who do are just saying it; they're probably lying. I've gone on feeling so bad for so long, I just don't feel like I can take it any more. I give up."

Hey hon,
I totally know how that feels. I was a self-injurer for many years, so I can tell you from experience that it only helps temporarily. For me, it resulted from being in an environment (really strict mother) that didn't allow me to express any emotion at all. So I ended up turning negative emotions towards myself because they had no other way of being expressed.
Sounds like you wanted to see yourself bleed to see a physical representation of your pain/anger?
What helped for me was counseling; individual as well as family.
Hold on to that feeling that you don't want to do this again. Use that to find other ways of expressing yourself. Drawing and writing also helped me. And tearing a big pile of paper to shreds.
take care
You are far from being a bad person. The fact, that you lied to your Mom about how you got those scratches is indicative of your concern and love for her knowing darn well that had you told her the truth that she would have been more than upset. Now we get to you! What could possibly be so important that you had, apparently, a drag down all out fight with your parents. When one loses emotional control , one loses the ability to deal with parents or others in a realistic way, What you did was to cut yourself to release a store of anxiety which you are not dealing with. Frankly, you should get to the bottom of what is going on with you, either through therapy, a guidance counselor or some one skilled in dealing with individuals like yourself who are at the threshold of exploding and and don;t know how to manage anger. I urge you to do 2 things. One. never,never cut yourself again. if you have to cool down, go for a brisk walk, talk to a friend, do deep breathing exercises. Doing any or all of these things is a temporary measure. Two, Get some help. if you do not get to the root cause, you will escalate the reaction that you have now into a full blown problem. Please, for your sake, don't do anything as drastic as cutting yourself again.
your not a bad person but cutting your-self will not solve anything try to pry for peace in your life do something that you love that is positive
Have you seen a movie "the Virgin Suicide"?? The book's famous too. Your situation is kind of like that...
First of all you are not a bad person...i had superstrict parents just like you.cutting is def not a good thing to do...i have been doing it since i was 7 years old and my whole body is one nasty is not worth the relief that it brings..about your rents..give it time and you will be out of their house and they will not be able to control is hard to handle i know.but once you get out you will enjoy your life so much more.i would try writing when you get upset oir drawing or even scribbling all over paper till you get your anger out.hurting yourself does no good.if you even need to talk.please email me .i know what you are going thru and what you are feeling .im 20 years old.and even tho i am young i have been able to help a lot of ppl feel better...i dont want you to feel like i feel..or end up like please if u need to get things out email me.ashleelizabeth19@yahoo.c... luck sweetie and i really hope that things get better for you adn that maybe this helped you a little
I understand where your coming from. My dad gets mad sometimes too because of things that might have happened. but no your not a bad person your not. Sometimes you just make the wrong choices in life just like me or anyone else it doesn't mean that your a bad person. So what I think is that you feel guilty because of you cutting yourself. You know its not good to cutt yourself right? I know it these people on yahoo should know that and even your parents know. So why are you cutting? You shouldn't cutt yourself because of what happened with your parents and you shouldn't do that at all. because I know what I'm talking about I've tried to kill myself twice. And I went crazy. And do you want to know the reason why I wanted to kill myself and I went insane? Well it was over a girl that didn't want to be my friend anymore. Now let me ask you something doesn't that sound just a little dum? Yea I know it is and you should think the same way about your cutting it makes no sense to do that right? So about this cutting and this big feud with your parents there are two ways to deal with this. 1.) talk to your parents and work everything out. 2) go to counseling and have your parents go with you.

And I also know how loney and isolated you can feel sometimes too. because I was homeschooled all of my life too. So I think that if you want to go to public school that you should go and your parents should respect that. And so I think that you should really think about that. And don't hate your life you don't sound like a bad person. And its normal to get upset sometimes with your parents but its not normal to cutt yourself. So think about what I said and see if that helps.

P.S. If you do go to counciling tell them eveything you talked about here.

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