Alzheimers and carers?

my mom lives in her own home ,which i think is great, she has 4 carers which are great and provide 24 /7 care, as my mum is incontinent sometimes , is she eligible to incontintence pads on the nhs and are they free, the carers who do take her out on a regular basis are asking for tena pants but they are really expensive and she she has the odd accident and has messed herself in the carers ' cars, i dont want my myum to wear the tenna pads or pants on a regular basis , what should i do as the carers are getting annoyed that she is always wetting herself when she is out, and yes they do take her to the toilet facilities when she is out and before she leaves home.
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If you'd have asked this question yesterday you would have got a very different answer from me, and then maybe you wouldn't have felt compelled to send me an abrupt email, complaining about my answer.

Wishing you luck with your Mum/Mom/Cared for lady.
yes you can get pads that slip into her pants very discreet and she will get them free speak to the doctor the home carers should know this by the way
im not sure why you dont want her wearing them on a regular basis though? surely its more dignified for mum to just mess a pad rather than her whole clothing
Yes, get her the Tena pants. I would NEVER have let my mother make a mess of her pants when she could have only messed a pad or the disposable underpants. Cough up the money. She only needs to wear them when she goes out. Soon enough, she'll have to stay home for good. Don't be cheap.

Here's the site that tells you who sells them. I looked on one site and they aren't expensive at all. In the US, they're a little over $2 a piece. That's cheap. It's your mother.
Is there no allowance that your mum could get for these pants get in contact with your local health centre and see if they can help your mum.
I really do feel for you.
Alzheimer's is awful.
Try your doctor for advise because sometimes the carers only want an easier life. [can't blame them either.They do a tough job].
There must be something else you can do to keep your mums dignity.
good luck
What is the shame in wearing the pads? She can still be taken to the toilet, but it eliminates the problems with the accidents.I think you need to consider the carers in this too. They are taking your mother out which is a good thing. Why should they (and your mother) have the extra discomfort with the mess. If I compared this to taking out a small baby with nappies (who doesn't want to wear them) you'd probably be offended, so how about a female teen that has her period and doesn't wish to use sanitary products. Would you like driving her in your car at this time? You need to look at the practicality of the situation. They are quite within their rights to expect this. If you and she doesn't want to wear the pads on all trips out, why don't you take her on the trips to provide her with the pad free days?
If your mum needs to ware pads,then so be it, she has a right to as much dignity has possible. You can ask the district/community nurse for advice about a supplier. You cant really expect carers to take your mum out in their cars if she is having accidents. you need to put your mums needs before your personal opinions
I am A carer of mentally ill patients. Let your mum wear the pads, for God's sake. Surely that's preferable to her wetting or messing herself? Poor lady. I hate to say this, but the illness will get worse
Consider your Mum's dignity at all times. Let her have the pads, and in the meantime make enquiries with your social services contact and see if anything can be obtained for her. The carers will soon stop taking her out if their cars are becoming soiled, and it really isn't fair on them. They do a wonderful job and deserve to be considered. I do appreciate your concerns - my Father has Alzheimers - and it truly is a dreadful disease. Good luck to you and your Mum.
All last year I had a terrible time with my mother (who had Alzheimers also) being incontinent when I took her out. We could not get any pads provided by the NHS we had to buy our own, but that is better than them being smelly. I made her wear pads all the time, one of the last times I took her out was to Tescos and she messed herself in there so the pads helped a bit. She died on New Years Eve so it does not last for ever. Good luck to you it is a terrible disease they lose all dignity.

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